Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cheddar gorge bike ride

We all know that running, cycling up hills is the best training.  After driving through Cheddar gorge at the weekend on my way to Priddy folk festival, I thought I would attempt it.  I set off at 9am and by 9.20am I was soaked to the skin (mental note to get a more waterprooff cycling jacket).  It was just over 9 miles to the bottom of the gorge. At least when I had started at the bottom it had at least stopped raining.  So off I went, it didn't seem that bad... I guess as the roads are winding its not just straight up.  I had to stop to take my jacket off, I was sooo hot.  I probably stopped on the most steep bit...DOH!! I thought i might fall off at this stage but got going and kept going......I did use every single gear on my bike though.

There is no littlee sign at the top to say "yes you did it you got to the top" because it just keeps going.  I turned off at Priddy, maybe next time I'll just keep going and plant my own little sign!
As with everything that goes up, you have to come down at some point and there was a massive descent down into Wells.  Oh my god.... I'd rather cycle uphill than down anytime.  the hill was so steep and I was going so fast( maximum 32.4mph) that you couldn't even pedal.

As I came into Wells, the wind hit me but I didn't care I had took on the gorge and won.  I have to say that I was  mildly disappointed... I expected it to be harder than that!!!
I will say I was tired when  got in but felt bloody amazing after a hot shower.   31 miles in 2.23.09 not fast but steady and consistent up them hills.

check out the elevation.....

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