Monday, July 12, 2010

wellington 10 k

I have been quite worried that I have neglected my running lately but running the Wellington 10 k soon put all those worries to rest.  It was very hot and the course is quite challenging and I wanted to beat last years time of 1.04.53. 

The course starts with 2 really big hills and I felt quite strong.  It was incredibly hot and people were swapping sides of the road to run in what little shade their was.  I didn't walk any of the course last year but I have to say that with the heat I did walk a few steps up a steep hill.  As always what goes up must go down and their is a part of the course that is a nice long downward hill that was in the shade. 
The race seemed to go pretty fast and bless that old lady who stands there every year with her sprinkle hose showering all the hot runners.  I have to say I didn't run through it but stood in it for a few seconds. 
The last half mile through the woodland track was cooling and there it was the finish line.  My time according to the garmin was 55.47 which smashes last years attempt which is bloody brilliant!  This really shows me how much i have improved in the last year.  Wellington 10 k was the first ever race I did so was good to return and feel so much stronger.

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