Wednesday, August 4, 2010

318 days ti half ironman uk 70.3

Wow....... so Ive only done 2 triathlons and like normal I have completely thrown myself in at the deep end by entering Half Ironman UK 70.3.  I will not only have to train and become fitter than I have ever been but also raise at least £1200 for charity.  I am not doing it alone, I will train and compete with Barry.  I also forgot to add that I will also be running Brighton marathon next yr as well, well I never do anything by halves.

So what now....... This is the plan so far......
Once a week we will have a long bike ride, easy hill rides meaning big hills but not flat out to get a good  bike stamina and aim for a good low burn cardio engine base.  We will start at 40 miles and build up over winter.
We will get a list of triathlons and select races from there hopefully with open water swims.  ( I need to get a wet suit pronto)
We will have one long run in each week which we will build a good fitness base. 
We will swim once or twice a week incorporating OW swim at least once a month.
As fitness increases we will include runs after the long bike rides.
That's what we aim to do together as well as try to raise £200 per month and attack local companies for sponsorship.

For the little bits in between I will watch what I eat, stop drinking, and train where possible by including hills sprints on bike and foot and improving my swimming.

This will be such a challenge financially to obtain a wetsuit, tribars for bike, a more robust tri suit ( thinking padding) and the cost of travelling and partaking in triathlons across the country. 
I am going to have to live bike, run, cycle and be a good full time working mum, a new teacher and a part time student.  This is going to take discipline, dedication and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. 
Can i do it...... its a challenge but I thrive on challenge and I know that Ihave the support of some truly fantastic people........ Half Ironman are you ready for me???? That's the question.

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