Tuesday, August 31, 2010

battle of sedgmoor 10 k

I had stopped drinking in preparation for this race which went horribly wrong at the weekend.....

The morning of the race I didn't feel 100% but its a lovely flat course and I was going to get a pb.
The race started and we went up the only real hill on the course.  Just has you get up the hill you are suitably warmed up and ready to rock and roll......
The first 2 miles were ok and then I settled into a fast pace.  I kept this up and at 5 k I was on 23 mins so I thought I am well on course for a sub 50 as long as I could keep up the pace.

I started to feel the strain at about 4.90 miles and my pace dropped.   I just had to put my head down, grit my teeth and get on with it...... the finish line was within my reach and I sprinted to the finish....... garmin said 50.52...... so close to that infamous sub 50

I have never felt so physically sick like I did at the end of that race, I had to stand against a car and do my best not to hurl all over it......

I was disappointed but at the same time I did pb so I'm still happy..... next time without a hangover maybe I'll get that sub 50

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