Thursday, August 12, 2010

brick session...sure sign of fitness

Oh my god.... I am high on endorphins!!!!! Can I sit down long enough to write this blog!!!!!!
* does a little dance of joy*
I have been camping and all week the only exercise I managed was  a 40 min run yesterday but really I had 2 days rest which felt like a week.
I decided to do an intensive brick session in the front room, treadmill and exercise bike.  It went as follows
20 mins on bike on setting 5, 11.24 km ( so so)
15 mins on treadmill 7mph , 1.75miles ( pretty good)
20 mins on bike setting 6, 13 km (faster even though more resistance)
15 mins on treadmill, 7.5 mph, 1.88 miles ( good speed feeling pretty damn good here)
20 mins on bike, setting 7, 16.55km ( even faster.....oh my god I AM ON FIRE)
15 mins on treadmill , 8 mph, 2.01 miles ( here I expected to be feeling pretty tired but I felt bloody amazing and soooooo strong, I could have done another couple but kids wanted feeding???!!!!
total running 45 mins and 5.64 miles covered
total bike 40.79 km = 25.34 miles

I listened to an interview with Liz Yelling and remember her saying she knows when her fitness levels are good because in her splits she gets faster and stronger.  Theres me thinking that my fitness has slipped from being on holiday, drinking every day, eating complete and utter crap, chocolate, ice cream, hot dogs and having extremely bad sleep and back ache, but what do you know I am pretty fit....... maybe theres a moral in the story.... a little bit of what you like is GOOD FOR YOU!

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Ray said...

inspirational stuff Michelle - well done xx