Saturday, August 21, 2010

The first big ride out

Ive been bit lazy in keeping up my training blog so here's a quick catch up...
Monday 8.05 mile run
Tuesday brick session 3.36 miles on treadmill and 13.87 miles on bike
Wed 7 mile run
Thursday cycled 10 miles and swam 1 mile
Friday ran hilly mostly x country 8.54 miles with Barry

Then of course Saturday, the first bike bike ride.

Barry, Adrian and Jim and myself all started off from street and headed out towards Wooky hole.  It was a nice steady pace having a chat and a ride.......with a few little nasty hills in.  I think we were all riding along with doom in our hearts knowing that we were heading towards the big one.........

When we reached Wooky, we had a little rest before attempting deer leap hill.  Then it was see you at the top and off we went.  It was too bad, a little narrow road before it all went wrong....... I was last taking it nice and slow.... and then in front of me Barry just skidded across the road in front of me and seemed to be in a lot of pain..........shit... what to do, I couldn't get my feet out of the pedals quick enough so ended up throwing myself into the hedge and landing with my bike stuck to me..... theres me asking Barry if he needed help and there was I stuck in my bike lol fat lot of good I was really.  Must have seemed quite comical to passers by, these mad suicide bikers throwing themselves off their bikes.......into hedges....
The hill was so steep it was hard to actually get clipped back in so I pushed bike up road until I found something I could lean against.  I was just about to clip in when my back wheel came detached from my bike and fell off........MMMMMMM so glad it happened at that point at not when I had been going silly speeds down hills.  Barry then fixed bike and we attempted to climb this hill, finally we made it and reached the top.  I must say thank you to Adrian who came back down the bad evil hill to check we were ok then cycled back up AGAIN!!!!

It was all downhill from here, cycling down the gorge which actually is very scary when the roads were wet and slippery.
We cycled into Wedmore and had a well deserved drink before heading off home.
Total 44.67 miles in 3.21.17
Check out the elevation here

Good ride I enjoyed it the best bit coming down wedmore hill and topping a 37.5 mph

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