Saturday, August 28, 2010

training update

After the first big bike ride, my legs were a little sore but nothing like I expected so I took a rest day thankfully which is not always the case, I hate rest days but I do know they are important. 

On Monday I was going to run 10 miles but the weather was sooo good I decided to go for another whopping bike ride.  Nice weather my arse...... within 5 miles I was completely soaked then as I got dry again I got another soaking, and I started to develop a twinge in my abductor so I called it a day at 22 miles.

As if I don't punish myself enough I decided to go swimming that evening thinking I might have some energy.... how wrong was I.  I felt like I had been abducted my aliens, the life guard probably thought I was either a) dancing and trying to swim to some drum and bass b) drowning c) having a fit.  It was at this point after 24 lengths I decided to go home and hang myself.

Tuesday was a new day so I wanted to get in the 10 miles in prep for Bristol half marathon.  I felt like it was hard work but didn't feel too bad and was astonished that i ran that in 1.34 knocking a good 15 mins of my last 10 mile run, the triathlete was back in town. 

Thursday was a brick session, 20 mins bike, 15 mins tempo run on treadmill done twice.  Total bike miles 13.76 and 3.41 on the treadmill.  I normally do this 3 times but didn't want to over do as I have a race Sunday. 

Friday, the aliens had returned my body with an newer updated version and I swam 1 mile in 42 minutes which normally takes me 48 and 53 minutes. 

So Saturday is here and I'm resting..... tomorrow is Battle of Sedgmoor 10 k, lovely flatish course and I will get my warrior head on and go for that infamous sub 50...... watch this space!!!

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