Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trowbridge triathlon

This was my ssecond triathlon but my first attempt at the sprint distance.  I arrived really early and had to hang  around the car park which wasn't a bad thing because I met Tim who only just happens to know the Olympic bronze medalist triathlete ( what ever his name was lol) and organises triathlons in the new forest and also extreme cross country, so I booked for that in October as training for run rampage. 
The swim was bit scary there were 5 in a lane and it was 16 lengths.  I was the last to go.  There was such a short gap between each person leaving, I was catching the blokes feet in front of me every stroke I took.  I did think however he would let me pass on the first length, did he hell...... I was literally tickling his feet for 5 lengths before he decided to let me pass, that or he thought I was caressing his legs lol, maybe he liked it. I decided that if  I saw him on the run I would trip the arrogant git over!!!!
The swim I felt stronger than I have before and I didn't panic with my breathing.  Time 9.52 and I was aiming for 12 so very pleased about that.
The transition was very long and running on concrete paths and across tennis courts where the bikes were racked. As an early bird I had prime place racking my bike, right by the run out.  I jumped on my bike and headed off.  I was in with a pack of males and I tried my hardest to keep up but I slowly lost them.  After about 10 miles I was ON IT.... The hill training must be helping because I was on fire and I caught up and overtook 2 males who I had started with ( typical men have NO stamina lol ), I could just imagine their face as I passed as a red streak of lightening.  Bike time 25 km ( 15 mikes ) in 57.42.  I have to say some of the bike ride was on the dual carriageway which was a bit nerve racking!!
  I was aiming for 45 but maybe that was a bit unrealistic.   The bike ride over, I was still buzzing but when I started to run.  My legs were ok not jellified but I was tired..... I had to keep going, I passed quite a few people.  The run went quite quickly but I didn't sprint to the finish I didn't have the energy.  Run time 27.59 which considering the bike ride, I was very pleased with.  Overall my total time with transition was 1.38.22.  I had hoping for sub 1.30 which is my mate Barry's best time but I can work on that.  I really think the training is all coming together.  I compared times with the very fit Tim and even though his run was like 20 mins ( speedy) and his swim was like 5 mins his bike time was 56 so I was only a minute behind him which made me even more chuffed with my bike ride.  Ive always had thunder thighs my mom used to say, maybe at last I have found them a vocation in life.   I was buzzing when I finished, so much more of a rush when you have done all three.   
So if any of you are considering to try out a triathlon......JUST DO IT!!! As a runner turned triathlon, I love it and even though I wont hang up my running shoes, the cross training does help. 
The only down side of the day was not meeting Karen but we have plenty of time for that and again thank you all to the oddles of support that my marvelous twitter friends provide. 

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