Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tonights brick session

I seem to have soo many more demand on my time and sometimes this affects my training.  I am finding that I have short slots in which to train so I am trying to make them more intense.

I did 15 mins on the bike followed by a 10 min sprint on the treadmill and I did this 3 times.

1) Bike 10 mins @ no 5, then 5 mins  @ 6 covered 8.89km
2 ) run 10 mins at 7 mph covered 1.15 miles
3) bike 15 mins @ no 6 covered 8.64 km
4) run @ 8mph for 10 mins covered 1.31 miles
5) bike @ 6 ( resistance goes up to 8 and thats pretty full on) covered 8.66 km
6) run 5 mins @ 7mph, 4 mins @ 8 mph and one flat out 1 min finish at 10 mp

total 3.8 miles in 30 mins and just under 17 miles on the bike in 45 mins.

The first interval is to warm up, felt really strong on the treadmill running at 8 mph as I normally run at about 6.40 mph but felt really really strong running at 10 mph but no way could I keep that up.  I actually wanted to keep going but those time restraints were looming in the background.  I felt really good after the work out.  Next time I will increase the speed on the treadmill and really treat it as some speed work. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another weeks training.......

My rest days are Mondays bit this week I had 2 days rest for the simple fact that I was on the local radio....Barry and I were interviewed for an hour on Glastonbury FM.   We were plugging our facebook group and it was an enjoyable experience. 

I made up for this on Wed with a double session, 5 mile run followed by a 17.39 mile bike ride.
Ive had a very stressful week with some tragic personal circumstances and been wandering around in a constant state of anxiety and add that to my first full week of teaching its been a manic week. 

Thursday I only had a spare 30 mins so I used it up on the treadmill with some speed intervals.  I warm up for 10 mins then on every 5th minute I sprint as fast as I can with an easy 2 minute recovery, the third minute takes it up a notch before the fast sprint.  This workout always revs me right up and I wanted to go on longer but I had other demands on my time.

Friday I went for  30 min swim and covered just over half a mile.  I used this to work on technique and after taking a few tips of my fellow triathlete, I felt like I improved my stroke a lot.

Saturday was a beautiful day and I really wanted to get out on the bike but with the kids home I couldn't, so I did 1 hour on the exercise bike.  I warmed up for 20 mins and again on every 5th minute I increased the bike to the highest intensity and went as fast as  I could. I then cycle easy for 2 mins, notch up the intensity for one min before the killer minute, as I call it.  My quads certainly felt abused after that session.

Sunday I managed to get out early for a ten miler in a good time of 1.34.  My long distance running has certainly improved..... I am so confident that I will make a prediction that I, Michelle  Ironlady Blackmore will knock  an astounding............WAIT FOR IT ............a whooping 30 mins off my marathon time in April 2011. There you heard it here first.  I also predict that after my last tri where I was the 7th lady in, the tri in Exe valley  in May and if I am not in the top 5, I will eat my hat!!!

I know I am definitely getting fitter and my body is adapting to double training because one training session isn't enough any more.  Ive noticed a definite muscle tone increase since cross training and I have no BINGO wings........ my life is now complete...........I love tri, I live tri...... its the only way for me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

first open water swim!!!

I have been feeling a little apprehensive about swimming in open water, I mean will pikes try and eat my  toes? Will hands of dead bodies reach up and try and pull me down? Will I drink rats pee and catch some horrible disease?
But as Nike says "just do it" so we did.  Barry picked me up at 9 and off the the Huntspill we went.  We parked up, scouted the area for a suitable entrance and exit totally ignoring the NO SWIMMING signs!!!

We were quite quick putting our wetsuits on, despite the funny looks we were getting from dog walkers.  So no going back now, we got in the water..... well I waited for Barry to get in first, so I knew there were no sharp stones on the bottom( he did have shoes on) and to see how deep and cold it was.  When he was in and no dead bodies came floating up I got in.  It wasnt actually that cold.

We started swimming and I tried to do the proper breathing right from the start.... big mistake!! The water was murky and brown and it made me panic and I just couldn't get into the rountine of breathing.  So we just swam with our heads above water.  It was actually very liberating and at some point I had a fit of the giggles. 
I started to wave at people passing by then stopped quickly, maybe they would think I was drowning!!!

My goggles kept steaming up so  put them on my head so when I decided that i was comfortable enough to  swim properly, I couldn't as I had lost the goggles.    Barry has suggested that it was an offering to the triathlon gods that protect our pool souls in the river of DOOM!!!

We took a few breaks, well Barry took loads as he swam a lot faster than me and had to keep stopping and waiting for me.  We had set a target of the bridge which was about half mile away.  We finally reached the bridge and started to come back.  This is when I started to get really tired, you cant just hold on to the side and take a breather, luckily the wetsuits make you really buoyant and you can float around.
I seemed to get slower and slower and even though I was enjoying the experience and mucking around, it was starting to dawn on me the full implications of swimming 1.2 miles in an lake for the half ironman challenge. That was going to be the ultimate challenge for me, and I certainly need to improve on my strength in my shoulders and arms and my swimming technique.  I am also going to have to conquer the fear of breathing properly in dirty murky water.  

After we got out, I certainly felt like I had done something and actually felt a little disconnected until my oxygen levels returned to normal.  I think we certainly scared the dog walkers as we emerged from the bushes in our wetsuits with big smiles on our faces.  One lady did  do a double take before suggesting that we were totally bonkers!!

But I enjoyed the experience, I  learnt a lot about my capabilities as a swimmer and now have 9 months to become a super swimmer.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bristol half marathon

Last year, Bristol was my first ever half marathon and I ran it in 2.22.50.  I kept telling myself that I wasn't going for a pb as it was too busy and I had a bit of a dodgy tight chest.

I then soon came to my senses, as I am so competitive theres no way in this world I wouldn't go for it.

It was very different from last year, the sun was hot last year whereas this year it pissed down.  I like running in the rain so it made no difference to me.

I started from the same place but in the first wave instead of the second.  It tipped down and I was soaking wet resembling a drowned rat from mile 1 to 7.  As I had done the course before it was good to be able to judge where I was at and how I was doing.  I am sure I spotted Liz Yelling bombing down the portway at some point.

I ran very comfortably at 8.35 minute miles during the race but started to feel the strain at about 11.5 miles but then lucky for me , I was quite near the finish.  That's the first race in a long time that I didn't sprint to the finish.  My official time 1.53.53 which totally blasts last yrs time out the window but beat my pb of 1.59.07. 
I feel I could actually push myself that little bit more if I put the training in, but have been cross training lots in preparation for ironman.  
At the moment I seem to be breaking all my pbs, is that down to me just improving or the fact that I am cross training for my triathlons??
All I know its a massive confidence boost and the fitter I get, the more confident I feel about that massive feat of half ironman 70.3 2011