Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another weeks training.......

My rest days are Mondays bit this week I had 2 days rest for the simple fact that I was on the local radio....Barry and I were interviewed for an hour on Glastonbury FM.   We were plugging our facebook group and it was an enjoyable experience. 

I made up for this on Wed with a double session, 5 mile run followed by a 17.39 mile bike ride.
Ive had a very stressful week with some tragic personal circumstances and been wandering around in a constant state of anxiety and add that to my first full week of teaching its been a manic week. 

Thursday I only had a spare 30 mins so I used it up on the treadmill with some speed intervals.  I warm up for 10 mins then on every 5th minute I sprint as fast as I can with an easy 2 minute recovery, the third minute takes it up a notch before the fast sprint.  This workout always revs me right up and I wanted to go on longer but I had other demands on my time.

Friday I went for  30 min swim and covered just over half a mile.  I used this to work on technique and after taking a few tips of my fellow triathlete, I felt like I improved my stroke a lot.

Saturday was a beautiful day and I really wanted to get out on the bike but with the kids home I couldn't, so I did 1 hour on the exercise bike.  I warmed up for 20 mins and again on every 5th minute I increased the bike to the highest intensity and went as fast as  I could. I then cycle easy for 2 mins, notch up the intensity for one min before the killer minute, as I call it.  My quads certainly felt abused after that session.

Sunday I managed to get out early for a ten miler in a good time of 1.34.  My long distance running has certainly improved..... I am so confident that I will make a prediction that I, Michelle  Ironlady Blackmore will knock  an astounding............WAIT FOR IT ............a whooping 30 mins off my marathon time in April 2011. There you heard it here first.  I also predict that after my last tri where I was the 7th lady in, the tri in Exe valley  in May and if I am not in the top 5, I will eat my hat!!!

I know I am definitely getting fitter and my body is adapting to double training because one training session isn't enough any more.  Ive noticed a definite muscle tone increase since cross training and I have no BINGO wings........ my life is now complete...........I love tri, I live tri...... its the only way for me.

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