Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bristol half marathon

Last year, Bristol was my first ever half marathon and I ran it in 2.22.50.  I kept telling myself that I wasn't going for a pb as it was too busy and I had a bit of a dodgy tight chest.

I then soon came to my senses, as I am so competitive theres no way in this world I wouldn't go for it.

It was very different from last year, the sun was hot last year whereas this year it pissed down.  I like running in the rain so it made no difference to me.

I started from the same place but in the first wave instead of the second.  It tipped down and I was soaking wet resembling a drowned rat from mile 1 to 7.  As I had done the course before it was good to be able to judge where I was at and how I was doing.  I am sure I spotted Liz Yelling bombing down the portway at some point.

I ran very comfortably at 8.35 minute miles during the race but started to feel the strain at about 11.5 miles but then lucky for me , I was quite near the finish.  That's the first race in a long time that I didn't sprint to the finish.  My official time 1.53.53 which totally blasts last yrs time out the window but beat my pb of 1.59.07. 
I feel I could actually push myself that little bit more if I put the training in, but have been cross training lots in preparation for ironman.  
At the moment I seem to be breaking all my pbs, is that down to me just improving or the fact that I am cross training for my triathlons??
All I know its a massive confidence boost and the fitter I get, the more confident I feel about that massive feat of half ironman 70.3 2011

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