Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tonights brick session

I seem to have soo many more demand on my time and sometimes this affects my training.  I am finding that I have short slots in which to train so I am trying to make them more intense.

I did 15 mins on the bike followed by a 10 min sprint on the treadmill and I did this 3 times.

1) Bike 10 mins @ no 5, then 5 mins  @ 6 covered 8.89km
2 ) run 10 mins at 7 mph covered 1.15 miles
3) bike 15 mins @ no 6 covered 8.64 km
4) run @ 8mph for 10 mins covered 1.31 miles
5) bike @ 6 ( resistance goes up to 8 and thats pretty full on) covered 8.66 km
6) run 5 mins @ 7mph, 4 mins @ 8 mph and one flat out 1 min finish at 10 mp

total 3.8 miles in 30 mins and just under 17 miles on the bike in 45 mins.

The first interval is to warm up, felt really strong on the treadmill running at 8 mph as I normally run at about 6.40 mph but felt really really strong running at 10 mph but no way could I keep that up.  I actually wanted to keep going but those time restraints were looming in the background.  I felt really good after the work out.  Next time I will increase the speed on the treadmill and really treat it as some speed work. 

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