Monday, October 18, 2010

arghhhh diaster strikes but every injury has a silver lining.........

Oh my god, Ive been so lucky since my knee operations and have been training like a mad woman without any injury...........until now.  

Barry and I decided to run our 8 mile hilly cross country on Friday night and we were running rather dangerously through the woods screaming like banshees....... lets be honest it was totally liberating running like that at dusk. We had covered about 4.5 miles  and then we hit the pavement and this is where disaster struck.......... one minute I was running the next I was on the floor and the pain was FUCKING INTENSE!!!! I have never sprained my ankle not that I can remember and it was really painful.  Barry held my leg up and told me to breathe, I had totally gone into shock and was in a major major panic. 

Barry had to run home, grab the car and come and rescue me.  I kept walking, it was bitterly cold and I didn't want to freeze.  I knew I had to get to the junction and wait for him.   I was lying on a park bench with my foot up high, shivering from cold and shock.  I had at least 5 people stop and ask if I was ok and wanted a lift, that was really nice but I knew if I accepted Barry would be in a major panic if I did a disappearing act.

Once home,armed with a strong bottle of wine, I laid on the sofa and cried my eyes out.  I was sooo worried about lasting damage and not being able to compete in half ironman.  I was a complete and utter mess.  The following day , my eyes were as swollen as my foot. 

My foot has gone down loads and its becoming very discoloured and I did even managed to go watch a band and have a little dance full of vodka as well.  Vodka has obviously made the biggest difference lol.

So where is the silver lining I here you ask..... well I went to the local swimming pool as I am so anal about my training I had to do something.  There was a coach there who just started telling me what I was doing wrong and told me to do longer strokes.  He counted my strokes 54 to one length.  He explained some different techniques to me and then watched me as I improved.  I got my stroke down to 30 a length and developed a much more slower but stronger stroke.  I was really starting to notice the difference really pulling through the water.  Anyway to cut a long story short, he was coaching 2 delightful older ladies who have already done one half iron man and are doing wimbleball half IM same time as me.  They have asked me to join their Monday coaching sessions and I now have some training partners.  Its not every day you meet fellow triathletes, well not in my world anyway.

This leads me to ask....... was it fate? I would have never gone swimming on a Monday night and it was because of my injury that I did.  So where one door shuts, another has opened and I didn't stay very long in the hallway of hell.  This is just the boost that I needed for my swimming and now I can walk on my ankle I am feeling a lot more positive, a far cry form the crying mess I was on Friday.  So here's to a stronger more efficient swimmer and new friends!!!!

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