Saturday, October 2, 2010

catching up on the blog and not forgetting RUN TO THE BEAT!!

As I now have Wednesdays off, I have decided to go for an early morning swim.  Be warned of old men dressed in speedos.  They are very aggressive, think they own the pool and will slap you if possible.  I was very polite and obeyed the swimmers rule that you should let them pass and he just huffed and puffed and tried to blow the whole building down.......He did actually end up slapping me at one point and didn't even stop and say sorry.... JERK.... mental note to go back every week and annoy him. I swam 1mile in 43 minutes.

Thursday I did a fantastic pyramid session on the treadmill.  After a 10 min warm up, I increased the speed every 5 minutes until I reached 30 mins.  After that I did pyramid minutes as follows:
2 min @ 6 (recovery)
2 min @ 7.5
1 min @ 9
I felt really strong and did these pyramid mins for 15 minutes.  Total miles 5.19.  I really felt I could have kept going but stopped myself as I was supposed to be on a taper for Run to the Beat.

Which brings me onto Run to the Beat...........
I completed the half in 1.59.09, not my personal best and I have to say the whole thing was completely disorganised and I wouldn't run it again EVER. It was a really long drive and the sat nav took us through the centre of London.... eeeek..... not bad for a village lass I have to say.  I'm so glad Jo was with me.  But the whole highlight was most defiantly meeting the 'tweeters' who have been so supportive and inspirational.  It felt good meeting these people who have been a big part of my life for the last 6/7 months of my life.  We all enjoyed a meal before the race and surprised James with the most incredible birthday cake made by the fabulous Micheal.  The day of the race started with some mad dashes in the underground but we made it, only to find the race had been delayed by an hour.  It was freezing cold but everyone was in good spirits.  The course itself seemed to run around some back streets with random people just crossing the road whenever they saw fit!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed my time with the whole twitter gang and it was such a shame to have to rush back.... I love you guys... Thank you all xxxxx

I had terrible back and it band ache after that race but I put it down to the driving and the standing around but I attempted a recovery run on Tuesday covering 4.23 miles in 45 mins.

Wednesday I swam again and covered 0.7 miles and alas I couldn't annoy speedo man as he wasn't there.  Later that day I covered 28.53 miles on the exercise bike.  I warmed up for 30 mins then changed resistance every minute in pyramid session again.  I felt strong  and kept it up for 84 mins in total.

That's it folks, not more to report for now!!

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runningfairy said...

Was a total pleasure to meet you too Michelle, so weird to feel like friends we knew already.

Love the power of Twitter :o)