Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patience and rest is not my thing!!!

Its been 11 days since my injury and although the swelling has gone down and the bruising is out, I am still not running..... I guess after 11 days thats no surprise.

I did however keep swimming, using the float between my legs so not to use my ankle.  But I was very naughty, the minute that I could get my cycle shoes on, I was on that turbo trainer.  I am used to double training and doing so much that 30 mins on the turbo trainer seemed nothing in comparsion.

On the Saturday, 8 days after the injury, I was on the treadmill, walk/run/ walk, jogging no more than a minute at a time and it felt a bit weak but ok.   I should have realised then that trying the same the following day was stupid.

I had my first swimming coaching session on Monday and it was great, the drills we did really helped to improve my stroke.  After you have done 1 armed swimming for 6 lengths it really helps your stroke.  I swam 3 lengths without the float  and ankle hurt a little.

Then last night my ankle hurt so bad that it woke me up..... and i thought you stupid anal cow, using the turbo trainer, getting out of the saddle, getting carried away and not resting. 

So read it here first..... I will do nothing for the next 5 days apart from swim and when I do get on the turbo trainer it will be a small gear with high cadence.  I need this ankle to mend.

Its so very difficult not to do anything when i have been training so hard and getting my fitness levels up but I must realise that if I don't rest now and repair I will do more damage.   I surprised its taken me this long to realise it.......DOH!!!!!

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Ray said...

I'm glad you got it checked out.. I know its really hard being injured but the quicker you realise it is an injury and treat it as such , the quicker it will heal x