Sunday, November 28, 2010

I have a plan..............

Wow , well I don't know really where to start...... I have taken 3 days to sort out my marathon/ half IM plan.  I took last years marathon plan and searched for an half IM plan that suited me and kinda overlapped the two.  As a creature of habit, I made all my long runs for Sundays and long bike rides for Saturdays.  Then I thought no.... I should do the long run first then the long bike ride day after.  Things all got a little crazy from that point on.... I mean could I actually run 20 miles then bike 50 miles the day after then have an hour swim coaching on Monday....... nothing was making sense, fitting in 3 run, 2 bike and 2 swim in one week as well as recovery.... I WAS PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!

Then it hit me, Wednesdays are my day off I should take full advantage of them.  Now once my OCD head had got over the fact that I wasn't going to do all my long distance runs on Sundays, I was flooded with liberation. 
So in brief this is my plan
Mondays.... hr swim coaching and core work, squats and lunges
Tuesday ... intense turbo trainer session building up over time to 2 hours
Wednesday .... long run building up to 21 miles
Thursday ... rest day and time to uphold the other commitment in my life my teaching course
Friday......swim and easy recovery run both of which will be built on
Saturday ... long long long numb arse bike run... which hopefully will be in a group that I have just formed.
Sunday..... hill work running to start with and then later when marathon over intense brick sessions. 

 So that's the has recovery weeks, fits in when kids are home weekends, I'm chuffed I've taken everything into account.

So this weeks training ....... I have gone run crazy.......Monday was a good swim coach session, using paddles more and more and its helping me to build up strength in my upper body.

Tuesday was a quick session on the turbo trainer, it would have been longer but the damn garmin cadence thing was being tad sensitive and annoying the crap outta me.

Wednesday my day off....... was not my day off... GRRRRRRR... so I was up early and out for a quick 4 mile run and then went to the boring functional skills training.  I did however do another 4 miles when I got back in and 78 seconds quicker!!!

Friday was another 5 miles on the treadmill, I gave swimming a miss as the boys were home.

Saturday I watched this excellent turbo trainer DVD which was pretty awesome and I clocked up 20 miles in 45 minutes, that's an whooping average of 27 mph........I was so on one after that I did 50 squats with weights........... mmmmmmm legs still haven't forgiven me.

Sunday was not going to be a long distance run and off I went for some hill work.  My legs weren't very happy, sore from the squats but I just ignored them on my 1 mile warm up to the base of the hill.  The hill is half a mile going up quite gently then a really really steep bit.  I did this three times ( only because it makes a pair of boobs on the elevation, check it out).  I felt really strong on those hills, lot stronger than I thought I would.

I am actually pleased I will be doing my long runs on a Wednesday from now on..... it doesn't affect anyone on that day and it was nice to do a short but intense work out on Sunday and then spend the rest of the day doing what I wanted.  It also means that I get a day to recover straight after which I think is really important after those long 18 miles plus runs.  I could actually maybe spend some time with people and get a life instead of training 24/7.  That was a subtle hint to any fit hunky men who might wanna spend a day with me....... please form an orderly queue....... Oops must be dreaming again.

Other news in Meschee's world .... I was going to go teetotal starting last week... but I did drink Saturday night and have decided to drink one night a week until the new year kicks in when there will be a complete booze ban until after half ironman.  Well I think a tipple after the marathon and to celebrate someones birthday might be in order.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whoopie's first outing.

I woke up pretty excited ( no bad jokes here please) opened the front door to gauge the weather and decided even though it was cold, it was in fact dry.  After a mammoth porridge breakfast, I prepared whoopie for her first outing.  I gently took her off the turbo trainer, got dressed in my winter cycling gear and off we went. 

I choose a flat route as I just wanted to see how she felt.  I tell you the wind was not my friend today, that's the problem with the flat routes around here, its so flat and barren,  Side winds can catch you unaware and it doesn't seem to matter which direction you go in the wind is always against you.  I know this because I have actually tested the theory when the wind was so strong, I turned around and it was still there.

It did seem a bit weird using the tri bars, although its comfortable you have to look up and I guess when your not used to it its hard on the neck.  My peak of my bike hat started getting in my way too.  I do have to say there was one part of the ride where the wind had died down, I got myself into a comfortable position and I went for it.  I was at one with the bike and it felt good.  This didn't last long as I made a detour and came across a hill I wasn't expecting.  Now maybe I have weak quads I don't know but I like to get outta the saddle when I'm going up hills and this isn't actually that easy on whoopie, maybe I'm inexperienced at riding tri bikes but I kept my bum firmly in the saddle and used the gears.  I still found this quite difficult and mental note to self...... some serious squats required.  In my defence tri bikes do use different muscles so maybe that's what caused it!!!?

I wanted to do more than 20 miles but considering the fact I was bloody freezing and I couldn't actually feel my feet, I thought that 20 miles in 1.24 was a satisfactory first outing.  I also discovered that you have to concentrate a lot more, maybe it all just becomes natural after a while, but I did have a few wobbly bits and NO that's not my arse or stomach I am talking about here.

I intend to keep whoopie in over winter, break her ( or me ) in gently on the turbo trainer and use the old road bike to get the base level of fitness up.

I was dismayed how dirty she got and I cleaned her the minute I got in.  ( will it last I ask myself)

Thats all folks!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

dont stop me now............

Its been a real up and down week...... trainings had been good.... life's been shit.... parking tickets, speeding fine....... stresses of everyday life.   BUT I'm running... this week I have covered 14.44 miles which I know isn't really a lot of me but its better than the BIG FAT ZERO MILES than I was doing for the three weeks whilst my ankle healed.

The week started with Mondays regular swim coaching session where we used paddles.  I have to say here, it was the first swim coach session that I did with no float between my legs to save my ankle hurting.  It was hard work using paddles but when you stop using them and you can swim normally everything comes together and I felt like I was a mermaid.... well not quite mermaids don't do front crawl do they?

Tuesday I rested as I had heavy weekend of training which I have forgotten to blog( naughty).... quick catch up, weekend consisted of 6 mile run Friday night, 34 mile bike ride on Sat and  0.62 swim on Sunday and the club run.

Then came Wednesday I picked up my new bike.......introducing WHOOPIE!!!!!!!named whoopie as i am going to WHOOP some arse on that bad boy!! What a sexy little number she is.  I ran 6 miles in the morning then picked her up and tested her on the turbo trainer for 40 mins.

Thursday was another rest day as my normal life has a bad habit of interfering with my training.... how rude!!!!

Friday was 50 min session on the turbo bonding with whoopie.

Sat I decided to test my ankle properly.  I choose a 8 mile run which was very challenging for the first 5 miles before a flat 3 mile finish.  It was only in the last mile that my ankle started to twinge and my right hip started grumbling ( over compensating for ankle) After today's performance marathon training for me will officially start.......

Tomorrow, Whoppie and I will be hitting the road for a flat super fast 20 miler plus.....exciting!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am it normal to dance after EVERY workout?

This weeks training started on Monday with hours coaching in the pool.  This consists of 6 length drills.  We start with a 6 lengths warm up.  We then do 1 arm drills, catch ups, speed intervals and this we covered 48 lengths.  These drills are really beginning to improve my technique and my speed.

Wednesday arrived, I love Wednesdays. I decided to forgo my early morning swim and my chance to annoy speedo man and run instead.  This would be my first road run since THE FALL and I managed 4.5 miles.  I am really pleased with my fitness levels as they have seemed to remain quite stable.  I followed the run with hour on the turbo.  Now I have to say at this point........ is it normal to dance around after every workout..... Ive only just started doing it, am I not pushing myself hard enough or am I just BUZZING MY TITS OFF!!!!!!  I think its great, I really enjoy it, its my new warm down routine.

That brings us on nicely to Friday...........6 miles on the treadmill in 53.56 which is a really good time.  After a 15 min warm up, I increased the speed every 10 mins and I felt really strong.

I am back, the ankle injury is a figment of my imagination.  Oh yes I have just agreed to do a WHOLE ironman in the year 2012 in Wales!!!!!! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Up and running again at last and a new bike to boot!!!

I know the lovely lady at physio said don't run for 2 weeks but after my first salsa lesson last Tuesday I knew I was ready to run.  Ok it was a week earlier than planned but come off it it was inevitable that I would not listen.  I ran on the treadmill walk a minute , run a minute which soon stepped up to run 2 mins walk 1 min which covered 2 miles.  Two days later I was back on the treadmill and again 1 min walk, 1 min run which soon led onto 2 mins running then somehow that turned into running non stop for 17 mins and a mile more that I said I would.  Two days later again back on the treadmill, no walking straight in there and I managed 4.5 miles, a little niggle but no pain at all and I so wanted to keep going but I thought i must control myself.    SO meschee IRONLADY is back in the game.......I cant believe that after only 3 weeks I am back to running. 
I don't care what anyone says I think that  by using the ankle  non impact on the turbo trainer and swimming has actually helped my recovery.  There is of course the fact that I do possess super human powers or that I just have no feeling.

I know many call me an addict or a geek and actually I have been called a freak but I am dedicated to preparing for the ultimate challenge of my life ....... so far ( ironman next).
That is why I ended up in Tri UK looking at triathlon racing bikes. 

I test rode a Quintana Roo Chicqilo..... sex on wheels.  Its very different to a road bike and you ride it completely different as it uses different muscles and that's why its good for tri, saves your legs for the run.  I learnt so much that day.  I did also test a carbon fibre bike on the road ( very very scary being allowed to test ride bikes that are worth nearly £2000) the carbon bike felt amazing and the price tag was unreal.  It did actually have the wrong price tag on it so after spending half an hour deciding  which bike to have and opting for the carbon fibre the decision was taken away from me when I found out the real price.

They fitted the bike to me and after I paid the 10 % deposit we finally left the building.  I will be picking the bike up in 10 days time.  The guy who helped me was very knowledgeable and gave me some great advice.

I cant quite believe that I have actually spent this amount of money on a bike and I know that when I come to cycle those 56 hilly miles at Half Ironman I will have the power of that bike to aid me.  So I will dedicate this challenge to George Lewis, my dear grandfather, who I know will be with me and has made this all possible.  I am going to do this for you Gramps ( tears in eyes moment). I remember when I took him my Brighton marathon medal, he made lots jokes about me buying the medal but when he held that medal and I could see the pride in his eyes.

Now such a sexy bike deserves a sexy name.....all I could think of was that WHOOP ARSE lol so the bike has been named whoopie.  Who could ask for more!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Given the go ahead....... running this space!!!

This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful people who care for me and who want me to recover quickly.  Although my ankle was sprained I did continue to use the turbo trainer and swim but using a float as not to use my ankle.  One evening a friend phoned whilst I was using the turbo trainer and made me feel really guilty about training.   He suggested that I would be making myself worse and really frightened me. 

The following day I went to minor injuries clinic where I had an x-ray which showed a bone I had which was from a previous injury. The hospital told me I had a third degree sprain and asked me to leave with crutches.  I refused as I could walk perfectly normally.  I could walk properly after 2 days of spraining the ankle.  An urgent report was asked for concerning this extra bone and there was even talk of an operation.  Well as far as I could see, I had ran a marathon with a extra bit of bone with no problems so I wasn't going to allow them to start interfering.  My only intention was to be told that my ankle was fine and I could start running as soon as possible.  It seemed everyone was overly concerned.

I was referred to physio the following day where I was told that my ankle was really strong and I had an excellent range of movement and that I could start running in 2 weeks..... at long last good news. 

Its here that i would like to thank all my well wishers but at the end of the day I am not as stupid as I look and if at any time my ankle hurt through training, I eased off and I think that by continuing to train has in fact speeded up my recovery.  I intend to start running in about a weeks time and in the mean time I will continue on the turbo trainer and to swim. 

I will add that I think I have been incredibly lucky to have got off so lightly with 3 to 4 weeks out of running.  I say this even though I haven't actually started running yet, but I have recovered from a lot worse.