Saturday, November 20, 2010

dont stop me now............

Its been a real up and down week...... trainings had been good.... life's been shit.... parking tickets, speeding fine....... stresses of everyday life.   BUT I'm running... this week I have covered 14.44 miles which I know isn't really a lot of me but its better than the BIG FAT ZERO MILES than I was doing for the three weeks whilst my ankle healed.

The week started with Mondays regular swim coaching session where we used paddles.  I have to say here, it was the first swim coach session that I did with no float between my legs to save my ankle hurting.  It was hard work using paddles but when you stop using them and you can swim normally everything comes together and I felt like I was a mermaid.... well not quite mermaids don't do front crawl do they?

Tuesday I rested as I had heavy weekend of training which I have forgotten to blog( naughty).... quick catch up, weekend consisted of 6 mile run Friday night, 34 mile bike ride on Sat and  0.62 swim on Sunday and the club run.

Then came Wednesday I picked up my new bike.......introducing WHOOPIE!!!!!!!named whoopie as i am going to WHOOP some arse on that bad boy!! What a sexy little number she is.  I ran 6 miles in the morning then picked her up and tested her on the turbo trainer for 40 mins.

Thursday was another rest day as my normal life has a bad habit of interfering with my training.... how rude!!!!

Friday was 50 min session on the turbo bonding with whoopie.

Sat I decided to test my ankle properly.  I choose a 8 mile run which was very challenging for the first 5 miles before a flat 3 mile finish.  It was only in the last mile that my ankle started to twinge and my right hip started grumbling ( over compensating for ankle) After today's performance marathon training for me will officially start.......

Tomorrow, Whoppie and I will be hitting the road for a flat super fast 20 miler plus.....exciting!!!

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