Monday, November 1, 2010

Given the go ahead....... running this space!!!

This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful people who care for me and who want me to recover quickly.  Although my ankle was sprained I did continue to use the turbo trainer and swim but using a float as not to use my ankle.  One evening a friend phoned whilst I was using the turbo trainer and made me feel really guilty about training.   He suggested that I would be making myself worse and really frightened me. 

The following day I went to minor injuries clinic where I had an x-ray which showed a bone I had which was from a previous injury. The hospital told me I had a third degree sprain and asked me to leave with crutches.  I refused as I could walk perfectly normally.  I could walk properly after 2 days of spraining the ankle.  An urgent report was asked for concerning this extra bone and there was even talk of an operation.  Well as far as I could see, I had ran a marathon with a extra bit of bone with no problems so I wasn't going to allow them to start interfering.  My only intention was to be told that my ankle was fine and I could start running as soon as possible.  It seemed everyone was overly concerned.

I was referred to physio the following day where I was told that my ankle was really strong and I had an excellent range of movement and that I could start running in 2 weeks..... at long last good news. 

Its here that i would like to thank all my well wishers but at the end of the day I am not as stupid as I look and if at any time my ankle hurt through training, I eased off and I think that by continuing to train has in fact speeded up my recovery.  I intend to start running in about a weeks time and in the mean time I will continue on the turbo trainer and to swim. 

I will add that I think I have been incredibly lucky to have got off so lightly with 3 to 4 weeks out of running.  I say this even though I haven't actually started running yet, but I have recovered from a lot worse.  

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