Friday, November 12, 2010

I am it normal to dance after EVERY workout?

This weeks training started on Monday with hours coaching in the pool.  This consists of 6 length drills.  We start with a 6 lengths warm up.  We then do 1 arm drills, catch ups, speed intervals and this we covered 48 lengths.  These drills are really beginning to improve my technique and my speed.

Wednesday arrived, I love Wednesdays. I decided to forgo my early morning swim and my chance to annoy speedo man and run instead.  This would be my first road run since THE FALL and I managed 4.5 miles.  I am really pleased with my fitness levels as they have seemed to remain quite stable.  I followed the run with hour on the turbo.  Now I have to say at this point........ is it normal to dance around after every workout..... Ive only just started doing it, am I not pushing myself hard enough or am I just BUZZING MY TITS OFF!!!!!!  I think its great, I really enjoy it, its my new warm down routine.

That brings us on nicely to Friday...........6 miles on the treadmill in 53.56 which is a really good time.  After a 15 min warm up, I increased the speed every 10 mins and I felt really strong.

I am back, the ankle injury is a figment of my imagination.  Oh yes I have just agreed to do a WHOLE ironman in the year 2012 in Wales!!!!!! 


meschee said...
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meschee said...

forgot to say about my perfect sports massage from Helen at Drove house... my ankle feels so much better after she took out all the tension

DeelyBH said...

Not sure about the dancing thing, but if it works for you :)

Wales 2012 Woo!!!!