Sunday, November 28, 2010

I have a plan..............

Wow , well I don't know really where to start...... I have taken 3 days to sort out my marathon/ half IM plan.  I took last years marathon plan and searched for an half IM plan that suited me and kinda overlapped the two.  As a creature of habit, I made all my long runs for Sundays and long bike rides for Saturdays.  Then I thought no.... I should do the long run first then the long bike ride day after.  Things all got a little crazy from that point on.... I mean could I actually run 20 miles then bike 50 miles the day after then have an hour swim coaching on Monday....... nothing was making sense, fitting in 3 run, 2 bike and 2 swim in one week as well as recovery.... I WAS PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!

Then it hit me, Wednesdays are my day off I should take full advantage of them.  Now once my OCD head had got over the fact that I wasn't going to do all my long distance runs on Sundays, I was flooded with liberation. 
So in brief this is my plan
Mondays.... hr swim coaching and core work, squats and lunges
Tuesday ... intense turbo trainer session building up over time to 2 hours
Wednesday .... long run building up to 21 miles
Thursday ... rest day and time to uphold the other commitment in my life my teaching course
Friday......swim and easy recovery run both of which will be built on
Saturday ... long long long numb arse bike run... which hopefully will be in a group that I have just formed.
Sunday..... hill work running to start with and then later when marathon over intense brick sessions. 

 So that's the has recovery weeks, fits in when kids are home weekends, I'm chuffed I've taken everything into account.

So this weeks training ....... I have gone run crazy.......Monday was a good swim coach session, using paddles more and more and its helping me to build up strength in my upper body.

Tuesday was a quick session on the turbo trainer, it would have been longer but the damn garmin cadence thing was being tad sensitive and annoying the crap outta me.

Wednesday my day off....... was not my day off... GRRRRRRR... so I was up early and out for a quick 4 mile run and then went to the boring functional skills training.  I did however do another 4 miles when I got back in and 78 seconds quicker!!!

Friday was another 5 miles on the treadmill, I gave swimming a miss as the boys were home.

Saturday I watched this excellent turbo trainer DVD which was pretty awesome and I clocked up 20 miles in 45 minutes, that's an whooping average of 27 mph........I was so on one after that I did 50 squats with weights........... mmmmmmm legs still haven't forgiven me.

Sunday was not going to be a long distance run and off I went for some hill work.  My legs weren't very happy, sore from the squats but I just ignored them on my 1 mile warm up to the base of the hill.  The hill is half a mile going up quite gently then a really really steep bit.  I did this three times ( only because it makes a pair of boobs on the elevation, check it out).  I felt really strong on those hills, lot stronger than I thought I would.

I am actually pleased I will be doing my long runs on a Wednesday from now on..... it doesn't affect anyone on that day and it was nice to do a short but intense work out on Sunday and then spend the rest of the day doing what I wanted.  It also means that I get a day to recover straight after which I think is really important after those long 18 miles plus runs.  I could actually maybe spend some time with people and get a life instead of training 24/7.  That was a subtle hint to any fit hunky men who might wanna spend a day with me....... please form an orderly queue....... Oops must be dreaming again.

Other news in Meschee's world .... I was going to go teetotal starting last week... but I did drink Saturday night and have decided to drink one night a week until the new year kicks in when there will be a complete booze ban until after half ironman.  Well I think a tipple after the marathon and to celebrate someones birthday might be in order.

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YES !!!!!!!!!!Iron Lady we belive You xx