Sunday, November 7, 2010

Up and running again at last and a new bike to boot!!!

I know the lovely lady at physio said don't run for 2 weeks but after my first salsa lesson last Tuesday I knew I was ready to run.  Ok it was a week earlier than planned but come off it it was inevitable that I would not listen.  I ran on the treadmill walk a minute , run a minute which soon stepped up to run 2 mins walk 1 min which covered 2 miles.  Two days later I was back on the treadmill and again 1 min walk, 1 min run which soon led onto 2 mins running then somehow that turned into running non stop for 17 mins and a mile more that I said I would.  Two days later again back on the treadmill, no walking straight in there and I managed 4.5 miles, a little niggle but no pain at all and I so wanted to keep going but I thought i must control myself.    SO meschee IRONLADY is back in the game.......I cant believe that after only 3 weeks I am back to running. 
I don't care what anyone says I think that  by using the ankle  non impact on the turbo trainer and swimming has actually helped my recovery.  There is of course the fact that I do possess super human powers or that I just have no feeling.

I know many call me an addict or a geek and actually I have been called a freak but I am dedicated to preparing for the ultimate challenge of my life ....... so far ( ironman next).
That is why I ended up in Tri UK looking at triathlon racing bikes. 

I test rode a Quintana Roo Chicqilo..... sex on wheels.  Its very different to a road bike and you ride it completely different as it uses different muscles and that's why its good for tri, saves your legs for the run.  I learnt so much that day.  I did also test a carbon fibre bike on the road ( very very scary being allowed to test ride bikes that are worth nearly £2000) the carbon bike felt amazing and the price tag was unreal.  It did actually have the wrong price tag on it so after spending half an hour deciding  which bike to have and opting for the carbon fibre the decision was taken away from me when I found out the real price.

They fitted the bike to me and after I paid the 10 % deposit we finally left the building.  I will be picking the bike up in 10 days time.  The guy who helped me was very knowledgeable and gave me some great advice.

I cant quite believe that I have actually spent this amount of money on a bike and I know that when I come to cycle those 56 hilly miles at Half Ironman I will have the power of that bike to aid me.  So I will dedicate this challenge to George Lewis, my dear grandfather, who I know will be with me and has made this all possible.  I am going to do this for you Gramps ( tears in eyes moment). I remember when I took him my Brighton marathon medal, he made lots jokes about me buying the medal but when he held that medal and I could see the pride in his eyes.

Now such a sexy bike deserves a sexy name.....all I could think of was that WHOOP ARSE lol so the bike has been named whoopie.  Who could ask for more!

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