Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whoopie's first outing.

I woke up pretty excited ( no bad jokes here please) opened the front door to gauge the weather and decided even though it was cold, it was in fact dry.  After a mammoth porridge breakfast, I prepared whoopie for her first outing.  I gently took her off the turbo trainer, got dressed in my winter cycling gear and off we went. 

I choose a flat route as I just wanted to see how she felt.  I tell you the wind was not my friend today, that's the problem with the flat routes around here, its so flat and barren,  Side winds can catch you unaware and it doesn't seem to matter which direction you go in the wind is always against you.  I know this because I have actually tested the theory when the wind was so strong, I turned around and it was still there.

It did seem a bit weird using the tri bars, although its comfortable you have to look up and I guess when your not used to it its hard on the neck.  My peak of my bike hat started getting in my way too.  I do have to say there was one part of the ride where the wind had died down, I got myself into a comfortable position and I went for it.  I was at one with the bike and it felt good.  This didn't last long as I made a detour and came across a hill I wasn't expecting.  Now maybe I have weak quads I don't know but I like to get outta the saddle when I'm going up hills and this isn't actually that easy on whoopie, maybe I'm inexperienced at riding tri bikes but I kept my bum firmly in the saddle and used the gears.  I still found this quite difficult and mental note to self...... some serious squats required.  In my defence tri bikes do use different muscles so maybe that's what caused it!!!?

I wanted to do more than 20 miles but considering the fact I was bloody freezing and I couldn't actually feel my feet, I thought that 20 miles in 1.24 was a satisfactory first outing.  I also discovered that you have to concentrate a lot more, maybe it all just becomes natural after a while, but I did have a few wobbly bits and NO that's not my arse or stomach I am talking about here.

I intend to keep whoopie in over winter, break her ( or me ) in gently on the turbo trainer and use the old road bike to get the base level of fitness up.

I was dismayed how dirty she got and I cleaned her the minute I got in.  ( will it last I ask myself)

Thats all folks!!!

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