Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 highlights and 2011 goals..........

Can I just start this blog with an update on my long run today, 12 miles in the bag, mostly x country in the mud slipping about but felt really good and strong.  I love running in my thermal compression skins, legs felt amazing afterwards.  I could have done more mileage but stopped at 12 but wish I hadn't as training plan said 13!!!  Doh!!!

Anyway lets look at 2010.......Apart from meeting some exceptional people who have shown me ongoing support and friendship and I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all.  Meeting you at the tweet ups has been a major highlight.

  I've ran 4 half marathons getting a pb of 1.53.53.  I ran my first marathon in 4.41, my most personal challenge to date. I ran 5 10ks with a pb of 50.52.  I completed 2 triathlons coming 7th lady in overall and 2 extreme hilly races totalling 14 competitions.
Luckily I've only had 1 injury, a sprained ankle from which I now feel fully recovered. 

Goals for 2011- I have so far 6 paid events but there will be many more........
  • To knock at least 20 mins off marathon time.
  • To finish in the top 3 in my local triathlons.
  • To complete Ironman 70.3 in a respectable time.
  • To run 2011 km or 1250 miles in 2011.
  • To swim 52 miles.
  • To actually get that sub 50 10 k time, I've been so close.
  • To compete in more extreme x country races
I feel that I have come a long way since April 09 when I first starting running again.  My running has improved from introducing cycling and swimming into the equation.  My swimming has improved greatly, my fitness levels are soaring and I'm preparing for that ultimate challenge wales Ironman 2012.  I have blasted my pbs  improving with every race I do.

2009 was the beginning, 2010 was the warm up, 2011 I am turning up the heat and I am ready to rumble. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my training week and a bit

I seem to be neglecting my blog through the demands of Christmas and the bad weather.

Quick catch up
Monday 20 th - treadmill 3 miles as the roads were lethal.  Swim coaching was cancelled ;-(

Tuesday 21 th - I managed to run a total of 9.54 miles in a variety of ways.  I started out well and then hit a road which just got progressively worse, so decided to jump over the next available gate and see where it went.  This was quite challenging running through really deep snow and also I made to friends, two boxer dogs that spotted me from miles away and decided to play!!! I then managed to get home and decided that I would make up the miles on the treadmill.  I also managed a quick 6.54 ride on the mountain bike.... riding through deep snow in some by lanes was fantastic fun!! I only fell off 6 times.

Wed 22th - turbo trainer 18.61 miles and a short run 1.16 miles

Thursday 23 th - my day of rest........ but no 1 mile completed for run December challenge .

Friday 24 th - treadmill 6 miles

Christmas morning, no hangover, swift 2 miles x country with the dogs before a champagne breakfast... all kinda went downhill from there

Boxing day should have been the Stoke Stampede but again due to bad weather it was cancelled so a quick 7 miler out on mountain bike and didn't fall off at all even though I was on same route as before.

Mon 27 th - quick x country run with dogs and a swim at long last.  I think the gin doesn't help you float, in fact it makes you sink like a brick so decided just to do 30 lengths mixing up the strokes.

Tues 28 th - felt pretty good today, 15 miles on the turbo with a quick 2 mile run to follow and also 17 x 3 press ups, sit ups, squats and reverse sit ups...... feeling pretty good..

sorry the blog is boring today, just catching up on training and i promise to be more pro active in the future!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A successful long run and more.......

After last weeks bad long run, I was bit worried about this weeks long run.  I decided to stop wearing the ankle support I had been wearing as it was making my foot feel weird and also I thought I needed to strengthen it.  I could say that this long run was bound to be better as it couldn't actually get any worse.  In fact it was a great run, 11 miles and it was 70 % x country.  I think by going x country will help to strengthen ankle and prepare me for up and coming run rampage extreme x country race.  I did this in 1.52.02 and average of 10.11 minute miles but considering that was x country I was happy with pace.  I feel like I'm not running as fast as I was before ankle sprain but that's improving every session.

Thursday, my so called day of rest but 1.56 miles done on treadmill so I could fulfill my run December challenge. I also did 13 x 3 press ups and sit ups, another silly challenge.

Friday I did a speed session on the tread mill as we had loads snow!!!speed session is 10 min warm up @6, 10 min @ 6.5, 10 min @ 7.  Then I do a 4 minute pyramid which is 2 mins @ 6, 1 min @  7 and then 1 min @ 8.  I did this 3 times then as I WAS ON ONE I kept the speed @ 8 and ran for 7 mins until I hit 6 miles.

My plan for Sat said 75 mins on the turbo trainer which I did with 10 mins easy, high cadence then 10 mins hard in a really low gear so that my legs were burning and kept this going for 75 mins.  I intend to increase the hard time and reduce the easy time and get those legs built up.  Tree trunks thighs are all the rage!!!!! I then ran 1.66 miles in the snow.  I then did 3 x 14 press ups, sits ups and the newly introduced squats.

Sun I decided to do an indoor brick session as it was slippery out there.  I really gave it a Meschee mash up to stop the boredom.

  • 10 mins warm up on treadmill @ 6
  • 15 mins on turbo, 5 easy, 10 hard.
  • 10 mins on treadmill @ 6.5
  • 15 mins on turbo, 5 easy, 10 hard
  • 10 mins treadmill @ 7
  • 15 bike, 5 easy, 10 hard.
  • 10 mins on treadmill again @ 7
  • 10 mins easy warm down on bike
Total 40 min run 4.5 miles
         55 min on  turbo 11.66 miles.

I am only just starting to feel again now that I am going somewhere with my training and getting back to the level I was at before that dreaded fall and ankle sprain. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This weeks training!

After my long run on Wednesday, I didn't really want to run at all on Thursday but because I am doing the silly run December challenge ....... I ran 1 mile on the treadmill after getting in late from my course.... that was bloody hard work!!!!!
Friday seen me feeling less tired and I banged out 5 miles on the treadmill with speed intervals in 45 mins.  I then went to the pool and I had the whole pool to myself was great and I did 1 mile in 42 minutes.  I was feeling pretty good.

Sat I managed to actually get out on the bike now its got a bit warmed and the ice has disappeared.  19.68 miles in 1.24.  I then ran 1.31 miles for the crazy December run challenge but it was good to do little brick session.

Sun was supposed to be my hill training day and also the club run but due to an night of drinking , I only got as far as running down the railway to pick up my car.  It was on this short journey my knee clunked big time.  I decided to rest for the day.

Monday I managed 3 mile run before  hours swim coaching.... knee didn't seem to bad.  Getting lots niggles at mo and I think its connected to my ankle.  My calves are really tight.

Tuesday I was on turbo trainer for 45 mins... 10 min warm up followed by 5 mins hard then 5 mins easy.  I jumped straight off the bike and did 1 mile only as my calves hurt and I am saving myself for my big run tomorrow.  I'm going to try running without the ankle support as it annoys me and I am hoping that my calves sort themselves out for tomorrow...... least I have a sports massage booked!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad bad run..... is there such a thing??

Today was my long run day and after completing 9 miles last week , I was aiming for 10 this week.  As soon as I started out, I knew I wasn't in the right frame of mind.  I always say the first 3 miles are the hardest as your body warms up and you get into your stride.  Well the first 3 miles came and went, my legs ached, my lungs hurt from the cold air.... I kept pushing hoping that that magic button at mile 3 would switch itself on and all the niggles would go away....... 5 miles came and I still felt like crap.  I really really wanted to give up at this stage....... I was running along I hated where I lived, I hated the weather, I hated that damn ankle injury and blamed everyone in the whole world that this run was going nowhere I HATED RUNNING!!!!!!!!
There I was running along hating everything and everyone in this whole god dam world and I was so bloody stupid for taking on far to much, juggling being a single mum, working on my diploma, bogged under at work with admin and why on why would I attempt a Half Ironman with all the training I am doing, my body was tired and I hated myself.
 I then saw some tracks that I had never ran down but had passed on a few occasions so I thought right lets see where they go.  It was here that finally I came to my senses, running x country, concentrating where I was going, watching out for cows, which made me stop concentrating on everything that was wrong or hurting and I began to relax.  The ice was glistening in the sunlight, the heroin I disturbed flew up over my head, the strength in me returned. 
It made me realise that there is always strength in our soul and sometimes we have to dig that little bit deeper to find it and sometimes I am allowed to hate the world momentarily because it reminds me how wonderful life actually is.  I know I have the inner strength and determination to do ANYTHING I want and I took on all these challenges because I know I can do it.  I will take on anything the world throws at me and that's why I set myself these challenges.
Now I'm not saying that my run actually got much easier after that, it was still an immense struggle but I knew I would finish it, I would run further than last week even if it was only 0.3 of a mile. 
I could call this a bad run, a slow run but you know what it wasn't.  It reminded me I shouldn't take my fitness for granted and I am very lucky that I am back running and going x country might have made my ankle ache but that's because it need strengthening up.  I also know I have a fantastic support network behind me.... you all know who you are...... love you guys!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Running up Glastonbury Tor

Seeing Sundays are now hill training days, Barry and I went up the Tor.  Now I have to say here that I did do a very hard workout yesterday and was out all night dancing and drinking lots vodka so I thought I would get my excuses in nice and early.

We started from Street and  within half a mile straight into a hill.  Its quite hilly just getting to the Tor.  It wasn't long before we reached the bottom and started the descent up.  Its quite tricky because a lot of it is steps... steps that are all different in length and size so its very hard to get any kinda rhythm going.  It was about half way up that I stopped when going through the gate because the view was amazing.  There was a thick fog hanging over Glastonbury and you could just pick out landmarks through the fog.  This was a perfect opportunity to take a photo and get a breather (my lungs were on fire).  I then started running again but I have to say I couldn't make it to the top.  I did walk some of the way up but ran the last bit to the top.  The view today was probably the best that I have seen. The comments that we got as we running up from people were quite comical.

After a few more photos we started the run back down.  This was probably harder than running up, dodging people trying not to slip... my running became this weird shuffle especially down those awkward steps.  Once we got back down to the main road there is another really steep hill so we ran halfway up it and back down and then I shouted lets go again........ why do I do that?????

Anyway back along the straight back to where we started.  Now I found this really difficult so I have decided I will take the same route next week and see if i can get up further or all the way next time.... Glastonbury Tor 1, Meschee 0...... rematch next week.   Its worth doing just to see the peoples faces when you come up running......and you get lots of shouts of encouragement. 

here's the stats.....  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The three challenges..........

I wanted to run the November 30 day challenge with my other fellow tweeters but the ankle injury stopped me.  I must say that they have done a fantastic job and that's whats inspired me to do it in December. I'm not doing it alone, Ive enlisted at least 5 fellow triathletes from twitter world, two of those are from America.  Its here I have to mention Chris and Lisa and Karin( who I have talked into doing Wales 2012 as well).  Lisa and Karin are runners  rising to the challenge but Chris aka Mrchips is doing his first ever marathon next year.  I have to applaud his commitment at this stage, does he really know what hes letting himself in for???

 The run challenge is to run every day in December but you are allowed Christmas day off if you so desire.  You must run a minimum of a mile.  I love the fact that so many people get involved and they all moan about it but they love it!!! They love the challenge just as much as I do and maybe they all do it for different reasons....there's  2 sorts of people in this life... those who sit by the sidewalk of life and clap and those who get involved and run.


The challenges don't stop there.... I have added the press up challenge which means you have to do 3 sets per day and each set increases by one each day, 3 x 1, 3 x 2, 3x3... you get the picture I'm sure.  We can thank marathon talk podcast for that one.  The press up challenge is spreading and I have people involved who I work with and Stuart my biking buddy ( shame he cant run)

So the challenge started......
Day 1 consisted of a stonking 9 mile run for me, 9 freezing hard-going miles I hasten to add.  I never remember being that cold last year...... oh actually I do when I was out on a seventeen miler and I was actually shivering because I had put some stupid compression top on and I was crying I was so cold......fond memories!!! That's the kinda run that makes you strong mentally, it completely strips your soul and rebuilds it from scratch, that's if you don't sell it to Satan first.
Day 2...... I got up at 5am to run 1 mile on the treadmill (normally my rest day) as normally I don't get in til late after my college course

We did actually start the press up challenge the day before the run December challenge so has it stands we are on day 3 so 3 x 3.  Chris here was a little crafty and added 3 x 3 sit ups........ so that's it.... talk about red flag to a bull... the third challenge was born.

I am a little nervous about the whole press up thing.....I mean 3 x 100.... what????????  But you all know I'm always up for a challenge and I need to work on my core.

So as it stands , not only do I have the most time consuming training plan already, I have to go add the 3 challenges.  Its going to be tough finding the time to get in a short run every day..... and maybe a few really early mornings. But I am good to go, lets do it, lets push ourselves and see what happens!!!