Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my training week and a bit

I seem to be neglecting my blog through the demands of Christmas and the bad weather.

Quick catch up
Monday 20 th - treadmill 3 miles as the roads were lethal.  Swim coaching was cancelled ;-(

Tuesday 21 th - I managed to run a total of 9.54 miles in a variety of ways.  I started out well and then hit a road which just got progressively worse, so decided to jump over the next available gate and see where it went.  This was quite challenging running through really deep snow and also I made to friends, two boxer dogs that spotted me from miles away and decided to play!!! I then managed to get home and decided that I would make up the miles on the treadmill.  I also managed a quick 6.54 ride on the mountain bike.... riding through deep snow in some by lanes was fantastic fun!! I only fell off 6 times.

Wed 22th - turbo trainer 18.61 miles and a short run 1.16 miles

Thursday 23 th - my day of rest........ but no 1 mile completed for run December challenge .

Friday 24 th - treadmill 6 miles

Christmas morning, no hangover, swift 2 miles x country with the dogs before a champagne breakfast... all kinda went downhill from there

Boxing day should have been the Stoke Stampede but again due to bad weather it was cancelled so a quick 7 miler out on mountain bike and didn't fall off at all even though I was on same route as before.

Mon 27 th - quick x country run with dogs and a swim at long last.  I think the gin doesn't help you float, in fact it makes you sink like a brick so decided just to do 30 lengths mixing up the strokes.

Tues 28 th - felt pretty good today, 15 miles on the turbo with a quick 2 mile run to follow and also 17 x 3 press ups, sit ups, squats and reverse sit ups...... feeling pretty good..

sorry the blog is boring today, just catching up on training and i promise to be more pro active in the future!!

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