Sunday, December 5, 2010

Running up Glastonbury Tor

Seeing Sundays are now hill training days, Barry and I went up the Tor.  Now I have to say here that I did do a very hard workout yesterday and was out all night dancing and drinking lots vodka so I thought I would get my excuses in nice and early.

We started from Street and  within half a mile straight into a hill.  Its quite hilly just getting to the Tor.  It wasn't long before we reached the bottom and started the descent up.  Its quite tricky because a lot of it is steps... steps that are all different in length and size so its very hard to get any kinda rhythm going.  It was about half way up that I stopped when going through the gate because the view was amazing.  There was a thick fog hanging over Glastonbury and you could just pick out landmarks through the fog.  This was a perfect opportunity to take a photo and get a breather (my lungs were on fire).  I then started running again but I have to say I couldn't make it to the top.  I did walk some of the way up but ran the last bit to the top.  The view today was probably the best that I have seen. The comments that we got as we running up from people were quite comical.

After a few more photos we started the run back down.  This was probably harder than running up, dodging people trying not to slip... my running became this weird shuffle especially down those awkward steps.  Once we got back down to the main road there is another really steep hill so we ran halfway up it and back down and then I shouted lets go again........ why do I do that?????

Anyway back along the straight back to where we started.  Now I found this really difficult so I have decided I will take the same route next week and see if i can get up further or all the way next time.... Glastonbury Tor 1, Meschee 0...... rematch next week.   Its worth doing just to see the peoples faces when you come up running......and you get lots of shouts of encouragement. 

here's the stats.....  


meschee said...

forgot to say it was sooo cold my hair froze!!!

cyclingkatie said...

am impressed - i want to do it too. might have to come down one sunday and meet up with you, if that's ok!