Sunday, December 19, 2010

A successful long run and more.......

After last weeks bad long run, I was bit worried about this weeks long run.  I decided to stop wearing the ankle support I had been wearing as it was making my foot feel weird and also I thought I needed to strengthen it.  I could say that this long run was bound to be better as it couldn't actually get any worse.  In fact it was a great run, 11 miles and it was 70 % x country.  I think by going x country will help to strengthen ankle and prepare me for up and coming run rampage extreme x country race.  I did this in 1.52.02 and average of 10.11 minute miles but considering that was x country I was happy with pace.  I feel like I'm not running as fast as I was before ankle sprain but that's improving every session.

Thursday, my so called day of rest but 1.56 miles done on treadmill so I could fulfill my run December challenge. I also did 13 x 3 press ups and sit ups, another silly challenge.

Friday I did a speed session on the tread mill as we had loads snow!!!speed session is 10 min warm up @6, 10 min @ 6.5, 10 min @ 7.  Then I do a 4 minute pyramid which is 2 mins @ 6, 1 min @  7 and then 1 min @ 8.  I did this 3 times then as I WAS ON ONE I kept the speed @ 8 and ran for 7 mins until I hit 6 miles.

My plan for Sat said 75 mins on the turbo trainer which I did with 10 mins easy, high cadence then 10 mins hard in a really low gear so that my legs were burning and kept this going for 75 mins.  I intend to increase the hard time and reduce the easy time and get those legs built up.  Tree trunks thighs are all the rage!!!!! I then ran 1.66 miles in the snow.  I then did 3 x 14 press ups, sits ups and the newly introduced squats.

Sun I decided to do an indoor brick session as it was slippery out there.  I really gave it a Meschee mash up to stop the boredom.

  • 10 mins warm up on treadmill @ 6
  • 15 mins on turbo, 5 easy, 10 hard.
  • 10 mins on treadmill @ 6.5
  • 15 mins on turbo, 5 easy, 10 hard
  • 10 mins treadmill @ 7
  • 15 bike, 5 easy, 10 hard.
  • 10 mins on treadmill again @ 7
  • 10 mins easy warm down on bike
Total 40 min run 4.5 miles
         55 min on  turbo 11.66 miles.

I am only just starting to feel again now that I am going somewhere with my training and getting back to the level I was at before that dreaded fall and ankle sprain. 

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elliot_richards said...

That's great! Well done!