Thursday, December 2, 2010

The three challenges..........

I wanted to run the November 30 day challenge with my other fellow tweeters but the ankle injury stopped me.  I must say that they have done a fantastic job and that's whats inspired me to do it in December. I'm not doing it alone, Ive enlisted at least 5 fellow triathletes from twitter world, two of those are from America.  Its here I have to mention Chris and Lisa and Karin( who I have talked into doing Wales 2012 as well).  Lisa and Karin are runners  rising to the challenge but Chris aka Mrchips is doing his first ever marathon next year.  I have to applaud his commitment at this stage, does he really know what hes letting himself in for???

 The run challenge is to run every day in December but you are allowed Christmas day off if you so desire.  You must run a minimum of a mile.  I love the fact that so many people get involved and they all moan about it but they love it!!! They love the challenge just as much as I do and maybe they all do it for different reasons....there's  2 sorts of people in this life... those who sit by the sidewalk of life and clap and those who get involved and run.


The challenges don't stop there.... I have added the press up challenge which means you have to do 3 sets per day and each set increases by one each day, 3 x 1, 3 x 2, 3x3... you get the picture I'm sure.  We can thank marathon talk podcast for that one.  The press up challenge is spreading and I have people involved who I work with and Stuart my biking buddy ( shame he cant run)

So the challenge started......
Day 1 consisted of a stonking 9 mile run for me, 9 freezing hard-going miles I hasten to add.  I never remember being that cold last year...... oh actually I do when I was out on a seventeen miler and I was actually shivering because I had put some stupid compression top on and I was crying I was so cold......fond memories!!! That's the kinda run that makes you strong mentally, it completely strips your soul and rebuilds it from scratch, that's if you don't sell it to Satan first.
Day 2...... I got up at 5am to run 1 mile on the treadmill (normally my rest day) as normally I don't get in til late after my college course

We did actually start the press up challenge the day before the run December challenge so has it stands we are on day 3 so 3 x 3.  Chris here was a little crafty and added 3 x 3 sit ups........ so that's it.... talk about red flag to a bull... the third challenge was born.

I am a little nervous about the whole press up thing.....I mean 3 x 100.... what????????  But you all know I'm always up for a challenge and I need to work on my core.

So as it stands , not only do I have the most time consuming training plan already, I have to go add the 3 challenges.  Its going to be tough finding the time to get in a short run every day..... and maybe a few really early mornings. But I am good to go, lets do it, lets push ourselves and see what happens!!!

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The_Dobster said...

Huh yeah! Let's go Meschee!! How about adding a plank challenge as well??

Heehee x