Monday, January 3, 2011

Cracking start to 2011....... and mass confusion on bike parts!!!

I'm a stats girl...... so lets start with last years stats...
I swam 37.3 miles
I ran 1079 miles and I biked 1110 miles.  That's pretty good but this year will be better.  This year will see me getting more technical, heart rate zones, better nutrition, I mean I have just started measuring my pulse every morning to see if I am overdoing it and I waved a big GOODBYE to booze..... eeek!

So as the title suggests a good start to the year.  I finished run December but I kinda got into the habit of running everyhere to get the miles in so new years I ran 1.26 miles down the pub to recover the car with Ben my 9 yr old son.  Apple doesn't fall far from the tree there. Then I took the kids out for a 5.6 mile bike ride.  I was supposed to be having a rest day but I just couldn't help myself and I really want to get the kids especially my eldest a bit more active.

2 nd Jan
 I took the kids swimming and managed 0.62 miles in 29.29.  Now I have done a really silly thing....Taunton Triathlon I have put my 400 m swim time down as 8.30 but my best effort is 9.52......... I really need to do some work here.  I can just about push my self to get 10 mins in training so with the added bonus of adrenalin and competitive streak I think I might just do it.  Its also a tactic as I will be there with people who I can chase whereas before Ive left the field behind.  This year I'm going to start with the faster boys n gals as I know that that red mist comes down and  I will go with a rocket up mt arse!!!!
I also went mountain bike riding with my friend Stuart.  We covered 21.03 miles in 2.06 and it was great fun.. It was a flat ride but the tracks were very boggy and uneven and it was great. I typically rode straight through all the puddles because I like getting dirty...... was good fun and went really quickly.

3rd Jan
I started the day with 4 miles of hill sprints. A half mile warm up to the base of an hill that is about half a mile long and gets really steep ( I call it the booby hill because once you've ran up and down it a couple of times it makes booby shapes on the elevation chart)  I ran up and down three times and it was quite difficult  but I LOVE HILLS and with Run Rampage around the corner best I start loving them a hell of a lot more.  After the first sprint up I felt bluergh.... but soon warmed up and took up the challenge.  

I did want to get out on Whoopie then as I had spent a whole night worrying weather I had the right god damn cassette on the back of my bike..... 25 teeth versus 28 teeth, cadence versus top speed.......AAAARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.   I was totally thrown into turmoil and self doubt with my tri racing bike and weather it (or  should that actually be me ) would be capable of conquering the hills at Wimbleball.  I got myself so stressed out about it that I actually had nightmares.   Thunder thighs and dodgy gears plagued my dreams........So I decided the best thing to do was to get out on said bike and go ride some big ole hills....... that was the plan until it started to snow AGAIN.... ( piss off snow, really I've had enough of your little outbursts and your refusal to budge).  There's so much that I don't actually know about bikes and I'm taking a crash course.  There is so much to know and when you ask people you can get some very conflicting advice

I decided to go swimming and I'm glad I did...........I was actually really tired as soon as I started swimming I could feel the tiredness in my whole body, maybe the x country bike ride took more outta me than I thought........I have decided at the start of every swim session I will do a timed 400 m to see if I am improving.  This today took me 10 mins, that's slow.  After that I did another 18 lengths going slowly to improve my technique and to get my average stroke down.  I did succeed in this and learnt a rather important lesson that faster is not always better.  In order to get in the top three of my age cat I really need to pick up the pace.  

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Lena said...

Great start to the year, Are you marathon training as well or just Ironman training?