Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fastest long run training to date.... not including races of course.!!

After my ankle injury I have felt that I've really slowed down with my running so today instead of a slow slog to build up the stamina I decided that I was going to go for it.  I was under a time restraint as I had to be washed and changed and in Yeovil for 12.

 I left at 8.45.... thankfully the wind from last week had gone..... I couldn't handle anymore side swiping!!!
I was going for 14 miles and I only had 2 hour window in which to run so I decided to see how close I could get. 
I felt pretty strong, last week I felt I was in a weird lull....... I kept checking garmin, I would let myself go over 9.30 min miles.  This worked quite well until I hit the big hill but still I kept under 10 min miles.  On the long straight home I thought I was at about 9 miles so was really pleased when the garmin read 11.22 miles ... oh lordy that was a triumphant moment.
I got close to home and decided to run down the lane until I hit the 2 hour mark.  I was getting pretty tired by now and was quite happy when 2 hours had gone by.... I ran a few minutes more just to make it up to an even 13 miles.......

I knocked off 7 minutes from my 13 miler last week so that was good.  It wasn't until I checked on the Fetch everyone site, I love the way it analyses everything for me) that I realised I had ran the fastest training session EVER. Here are the splits;
9.13, 9.11, 9.23, 9.25, 9.43, 9.54, 9.42, 8.43, 9.19, 9.12, 9.02, 9.25.  Average 9.19 min miles!!!
 Of course this doesn't include racing where I averaged 8.42 min miles but that's a different ball game.  In fact when I look over all the stats, when I first started running anything I did over 6 miles I was averaging 11.30 min miles so that shows how much I've improved.

Today has taught me a big lesson..... I always approach my long runs with caution, taking it easy building up that base, but now I can afford to push it that little bit more and still get the mileage in.

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