Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First tri club swim and turbo rocks!!!

I started the week with a mega depression about my ankle but you know what.... being depressed and miserable isn't really going to help is it?  I just have to re valuate my plan...... it gives me a week to bike and swim and I'll be running again in no time. 

Monday night I went to cheddar for my first West Country tri session.  I met a few other triathletes and the pool was full.  I went into the beginners lane and was surprised to find that a lot of people there just went for the swimming...... there wasn't any triathletes in the beginners lane.......

I was expecting a lot more to be honest.  They seemed to concentrate on swim times without working on technique.  You had a certain amount of time to swim 200m and it got faster and faster.  A lot of lengths were covered.  One lady was quite put out that I wasn't using my legs...... so to wind her up I told her I was working on my 'guns' and did she wanna feel..(she wasn't impressed, never met the swim kick police before). I didn't tell her for ages that I was using the pull buoy as my ankle was swollen.... but she was a bit rude.....
The best bit was having to race another between the flags and the lady who was rude just had the edge on me but then again I wasn't kicking.  She beat me twice so I threw caution to the wind and discarded the pull buoy... I'll show her what my legs are for..........ha ha ha I went flying and beat her.... touche!!!!

I will def join the club as they have some pretty good sessions...... they have group turbo and swim sessions and lots of group rides and runs..... so I might alternate between my swim coaching and the tri club to get the most out of it all. 

Now Last week I mentioned working within heart rate zones on the turbo so this week I decided to have a go...... I was aiming for a 90% short intervals with a 60 % recovery.   MMMMMM if only it was that easy. 
This is what I actually did;
10 min warm up ( 55 - 60 %)

15 min @ 70%

5 min recovery @ 60 %

5 mins @ 72%

5 mins recovery @ 61 %

5 mins @ 75%

5 mins recovery @ 66 (mmmm)

5 mins @ 75- 78 %

5 mins @ 70%
10 mins @ 60 % warm down
Now I'm either not as fit as I thought or I have my heart rate zones a bit out but I found it really hard to maintain 78% let alone 90%.  Maybe I shouldn't have had the recovery because once I recovered I found it hard to get that heart beat back up but once I did get up there I found it easy to stay there and also I didn't want to warm down ... I wanted to keep going.
Now the plan is now to increase the time spent in the zones and maybe lower the recovery.  Today I just found myself trying to beat the percentage that I got to previously.  Its given me a base now from which I can see improvement.  The good news is that the time on the turbo has reduced the swelling in my ankle!!!! good news!

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Lena said...

Now I know what you meant by "interesting" when I asked about the swim session. As I was reading I was willing you to dump the bouy and show her up, snooty cow. I'm glad the ankle is improving.