Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long windy runs!!

Now lets get this straight from the start..... when I say windy runs I'm not referring to the wind that comes out of bottoms, so you can all stop sniggering now, yes that includes you sat there at the back... yes I can see you....shall I say fart loudly just so you can get it out of your system......... good then I shall begin....

Now don't get me wrong I love the fact I live smack bang in the middle of a nature reserve being close to nature, all those beautiful tracks where squirrels and deer are in abundance.  Swans don't eat bread because they are that wild and you know you are being watched as there are hoards of twitchers hiding in dens.......

But sometimes just sometimes you wish that there were some wind protection.  I love the fact I can run down quiet roads and not see a single car for my whole run but today the wind was not my friend.  Which is worse? You run with the wind behind you get up a good speed only to find when you turn back you are almost running backwards or like today you are getting continuously side swiped.  The first half of my run was a good pace the left hand side wind wasn't too bad apart from it made my left eye water and my cheek smart. Once I had turned around this was even worse.  I should have ran 7 miles turned around and headed back but I chickened out and headed for home.  I knew there was a sheltered lane near me that I could make up the mileage and hopefully get out of the wind.  I arrived home at about 12 miles and I had planned on doing 14 so I had to do at least more than last weeks run which was 12.  I headed for the sheltered lane........SHELTERED my arse.... this lane is about quarter of a mile long. It goes down hill slightly but the wind was totally against me was a battle going down and no help either on the way back because even though wind was behind me it was uphill.  I managed to stick to it and clock up another mile.  I'm not going to worry about a mile seeing as I know I have a wood trail 10 mile run planned with the DBmax club ( that's the Crewkerne triathlon club to you mere mortals) on Saturday.
Anyways here's the stats.... 13 mile run in 2.08, miles away from my half marathon pb but its a training run save the best for races!!!

I did hopever run today after a hours long session on the turbo trainer last night followed by the 3 x 18 press ups, sit ups, squats and reverse sit ups and I have been playing on my new pull bar.. Its in the kitchen doorway and I cant walk through the door without banging my head so each time I enter the kitchen I have to do chin ups..... actually this could be a whole new diet plan..... avoid the kitchen at all costs.

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