Saturday, January 22, 2011

No running but plenty of exercise...including Woodbury common.

As you know I am injured again....... no injuries for a whole year and then 2 in quick succession...... life's too short to moan and bitch about it........ moaning and being frustrated isn't going to make it any better....

This week I have stuck to swimming and biking.  I did 70 minutes on the turbo on Tuesday.

Wednesday  instead of my long run I swam a mile in 44.40 and also thrashed out another 70 mins on the turbo working in heart zones.

Thursday was a rest day.........

Friday I swam 1.23 miles in 1 hour.......30 lengths with a float to protect ankle and 30 without.  I remember when I did my ankle last time I had to use a float for about 4 weeks so the fact I can swim now is a bonus.

Saturday I finally got to meet James, who has been a legend in advising me on training and who listens to me talk shop for hours on end....... well someone has to.......

I drove down to Exmouth and I didn't get lost always a bonus.  It as pretty chilly and we set off to the common.  I have to say I'm pretty much a mountain bike virgin...... I've got no mtb riding skills and have only been riding down some muddy by lanes.  It was pretty hard going the ice made some areas pretty lethal and you can just ride through ruts of ice as they unbalance you.  I found I had to really concentrate in order to actually stay on the bike.  I was pretty wary of going down some of the hills as I was worried about falling off, damaging ankle even more ( some would say why go but I say why not!!!!)

We covered 16.9 miles in 2.24 and the average speed was about 6 mph... a far cry from road bike speeds.  In some places where it was sheltered the mud was soft and that was sooo much more fun.  I have to say I struggled on some of the hills as you have to remain seated else your back wheel just spins.  James stayed well up front for 2 reasons:
1) I had no idea where I was going
2) He was much faster than me       but I did get too look at his Lycra bum and very nice it was too, sorry James it had to be mentioned!!!
Here is the stats 

All in all I enjoyed it even though I couldn't feel my feet at the end and my wrists ached more than anything.  I think mountain bike training will help to strengthen up and give you some stamina. 

My ankle was a little stiff after swimming but soon loosened up and today it held out.... its a little stiff now but I am ready to test it out tomorrow on the treadmill.  So far I have only missed out on one long run and hope it stays that way. 

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