Monday, January 17, 2011


The race had finally come.... months this had been booked and we were ready to rock and roll.  Debs picked me up on route and off we went in her fab little mini armed with enough sweets to sink... well  a mini!!  We made really good time despite getting lost (The less said about that the better).

We met up with the others had a natter before off for the pre pasta party.  We ate good food, joked about Jame's hot balls until we returned to the hotel.  It was really really good to meet up with some fellow tweeters that I haven't met before and of course to meet some old tweeters who are of course my greatest friends.

I settled down for the night with James with my special mad cow PJ's... the bed was really uncomfy, they always are in travel lodge!!!! ( you need better beds, is that why its so cheap?????)
The highlight of my weekend was Sunday morning..... I tried to find the bathroom light without waking James and kept giggling to myself when I switched on the wrong light........ I then farted continuously in the bathroom for about 5 minutes ( damn cheesecake) and tried to turn the taps on to disguise the noise......I then looked at the tweets on my phone and when I saw the tweet about hot balls I just couldn't contain my laughter anymore.  James then admitted he had been awake the whole time and that was it, I couldn't stop giggling for ages.

Anyway back to the race.... after driving around a few roundabouts ( quite a few times in fact) we finally found our way.  Everyone was pretty excited and hypo or was that the haribo?  Of course Debbie and I and Lisa had to keep flashing our pants.

The race started and we were off, it was a challenging first 5 k, very uneven ground and I probably felt my first tweak on ankle after landing on a tree stump.  I ran through it and thought it was fine.... looking back that's probably where it all started to go wrong.  I thought I was doing really well, ok |I walked up the hills but boy were they steep... not long but short sharp shocks.. I galloped down most of the hills and felt pretty good. 

It went wrong when I hit the water... I was running through , knees up high..... loving it splashing around and then just as I hit the end I went down... right in front of the camera!!!!! Pride before a fall comes to mind!  It was hurting but I wasn't stopping now, I ran through pain once was going to do it again.  When I hit the 'lake' I lost footing again but I think by this time the weakness was there.  I sat on the edge waiting for a paramedic who strapped me up and against her judgement I said I was good to go.  At this time the lovely ladies were racing through the lake and I picked up with them.  I ran pretty slow avoiding uneven ground and Lisa a big THANK YOU for staying with me and getting me through.  The last couple of K was quite even with a few minor hills...... and there it was the finish.  I knew I would cry when I finished because I was soo upset that I had damaged my ankle AGAIN and I had only just got back to feeling in control of my training and really starting to push hard again.  I suppose on the positive side my bad ankle has healed as it took the strain. 

On the way home, in the mini, I managed some pretty good hot and cold treatment and the ankle was not swollen.  Today the swelling has appeared.  Its not as bad as my last sprain and I hope to be back after a week........

Although it wasn't a good ending for me... I was so proud of the fantastic achievement of the fellow tweeters, you were all totally amazing and I had a fantastic time and lots laughter and good times, so I thank you all for that.  I'm going  to work on strengthening my ankles so this never happens again.... I guess I had to even the odds up a bit. 

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