Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shearwater and the db max crew......

I wasn't planning on doing another longish run this week but when Katie invited me down, how could I resist.  A change of scenery, a change to meet some new like minded buddies and woodland running.

I was worried that I would get lost but Jake did a brilliant job of navigating.... he must get his sense of directions from his Dad not me.....
We got there nice and early and met up with Katie so we went to check out the views.... jeez it was cold.
Fantastic  views from heavens gate......... I will visit their again.

The others arrived and the ladies set off first with our trusty map...... mmm I don't think we followed the map the way we should have but nevertheless we arrived back at the starting point covering about 5.77 miles which had been the plan... we just did it our way.  I think we should blame the blokes near Longleat house who obviously told us wrong!!!!! It was a beautiful place to run, running past Longleat house itself.  The first half was mainly on the road but nearer the end we got into some deep muddy woodland tracks. We arrived back at the carpark we started quick rest before we went off again. 

This was a really muddy track and it was great.  It was mostly downhill toward the lake which was fun, once we hit the boat house we came back. 

I really enjoyed this run even though I felt really tired most of the way round.... we ran 9.68 I'm 1.38.30 not a bad average considering the state of some of the track.
Great run with a great bunch of people.... kids loved it to .... so a big shout out to Shelia who looked after the kids whilst we ran. 

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