Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turbo training and heart zones........IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!

When I woke up Sunday morning I didn't really feel like going for a run with the club, but we only meet once a month and I did promise so off I went.  This actually was really pleasurable.  There were quite a few new members so we set off on a nice slow pace.  The roads were a bit icy so we went across the fields.  This was the perfect recovery run, supporting new members around and it made me realise AGAIN that running isn't just all about competing and pb's, its about a very supportive social group who all have the same aim, to be healthy and enjoy life. 

The run warmed me up and I came home and jumped on the turbo for an hour.  I then did 18 x 3 press ups, weighted squats, sit ups, reverse sit ups, hamstring ball roll, planks and side planks....... and a few chin ups to boot.  I want my abs back soooooooo bad!!

Monday was coach swimming so I warmed up first 15 mins on rower before an hours swim coaching.

I am beginning to think that I'm not getting the best out of my turbo sessions, am I really pushing myself enough.......
Tonight I went on the turbo for an hour, I wanted to see what these so called heart zones are all about.  I didn't look up any heart zone training sessions as I wanted to see how far I was pushing myself, how long I could keep it up and how easy was it to float between the zones.......

My resting heart beat is about 53 to 55 ( 30%).... my max is 178.  I have got my max from the hardest I have pushed myself in a race..... this is probably not the ideal way to do it but it works for me..... I'm not going to get myself too tangled up in the science of it all.

So this is how it went......
15 mins warm up  50 - 55 %
10 mins                60 - 65 %
5 mins ( recovery) 55 - 60%
10 mins                65 - 70 %
5 mins ( recovery) 55 - 60 %
10 mins                 65 - 70 %
5 mins ( recovery) 55- 60 %
5 mins                    80 %     
The 80% actually seemed easier to get to than 65 - 70 % and once I was there I was doing ok.  Now this wasn't a really hard turbo session.... I wanted to get a feel for the heart rates and how I reacted to them.  I know that I would struggle to keep up 80 % ... feeling the burn.....

Now I've just go off and checked some turbo training plans and it seems that I should really been concentrating on hard efforts of anything between 65 - 80%
So a new target is to reach 75 - 80 % and sustain it for longer each time with a recovery in between.

What does this say about me...... its not about climbing onto a bike anymore its about training my body, getting fitter, getting the best out of myself and kicking some SOME GOD DAMN ARSE.   I might be getting older but I will give as good as I can.  I can't deny that I am in it to win it...... but I guess I'm not different to any competitor..... I mean isn't that why we all do it? So STAND aside ladies, I am coming through...... and that my friends was aimed at a lady at work who thinks she will beat me at Taunton triathlon...... I mean come on love.... IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!

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Elliot said...

Give it some! Good to see you pushing yourself! x