Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First long run back.........

Today was my first real long run back....... I didn't really set myself a mileage just wanted to do more than 9.... I think secretly I wanted to do 15.  I made the decision to run without an ankle support as they have been giving me blisters and squeezing the top of my foot to much and as James always says and I quote him "if you need to wear a support you shouldnt be running".  James will be proud!!!!

I went out nice and slow didn't really want to stray away from 10 min miles just needed to get out do the miles and bank those miles without overloading the ankle with a bit of speed chucked in.  The first 6 miles were a breeze after that heavy rain set in and it was bloody hard work.   As I said earlier I really wanted to do 15 but as I approached 13 miles the lack of  run training over 4 weeks started to kick in. Its funny how the mind starts making excuses for you...... just as I got to 14 miles I decided I could give up as I had gone well over the 10 % weekly increase.... funny that isn't when I hadn't even took that into consideration when I decided to go from 9 to 15 miles in one week.

But job done, 14 in the bank and positive about an achievable 17 next week.  Its going to be interesting running the marathon as I spent a very long time training last year and my long runs stretched over months whereas this year I feel like I'm on a crash course. 

Sports massage later... just what I needed.


Lena said...

You should be fine for the marathon, you have kept up your fitness as Sunday showed. I ran the Newcastle marathon at end of November on no extra training just 1 long run, I had raced a lot so the fitness was there, I did a 23 miler 2 weeks before. I had done a kilomathon 1st week Oct and a half on 17th and 10 miler on 31st Oct. and I got a pb. so I'm sure that you can do it too.

Ray said...

here here on what Lena said - everything will fall into place - no worries. happy for you to be back in the land of long runs :)