Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fitness update......

Wow you can tell I've had a strop on seeing I haven't blogged for 9 days...... sat in some corner nursing my ankle and sulking no doubt.

In the last nine days I have swam and biked like a demon.  Ive been so scared of losing my fitness for the marathon that I have tried really hard to keep the cardio up.  I can safely say that I am getting faster on the turbo......trying hard to train in heart zones so I know that I'm pushing myself harder.

I am spending my swimming time hovering between a tri session in Cheddar and coaching with Pete.  I would do both but they are on the same day.  Now its becoming blatantly obvious  that being coached by two people certainly has it drawbacks.  I have my stroke picked apart by 2 different people but they seem to saying opposing things!!  One say long glides the other says I'm hesitating too much and theres not a constant cycle.  CONFUSED.COM!!!!

I have tried to run a couple of times... first time was a big NO GO, the second I walked ran 2 miles and it felt good.  The next was bad.......
I ran / walked 4 miles on Sunday and felt great but then Monday I struggled with 2 miles. I was very tempted to run tonight but decided that I should be having a rest in between running.  I have until Sunday to improve as that's when my emergency marathon training plans needs to kick in. 

I have pulled outta 2 races so far... the Blackmore half marathon which is on Sunday.  I did have this theory that if I could run 8 miles on Wed ( that's tomorrow ) I would run it but I cant even run 1 mile non stop as yet so even though I have super hero powers I don't think I'm going to cut it.  The following weekend is Weston Tough 10 which I am def pulling out of as its extreme x country and we all know what happens to Meschee moo at x country races!!!!!!  (  I am making good use of my time and I will be cycling the half iron man bike route.)  Hopefully that leaves me fit for Hestercombe Humdinger which I will treat as a hill training session.... not sure I'll beat my pb on that one.  Who cares, as long as I'm fit to race. 

These are Jan stats......
Swam 10.6 miles
Rode 231 miles
and ran 66 miles ( lets just whisper this stat)

That's a total of 38.39 of training....... which actually is a lousy average of 1.2 hours a day.... MMMM check out the maths teacher.......

So I leave this blog with the intention of a nice long bike ride tomorrow followed by hopefully a run of at least a mile with walking any of it..... fingers crossed!!

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Lena said...

Fingers crossed for your run tomorrow. Enjoy your bike ride, are you going out on the tri bike?