Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was feeling little apprehensive about this race... not sure how ankle would feel but I was determined to run it after already backing out of 2 races this year. I knew it would be tough.  There didn't seem as many people as last year and I started off really well.  I have to admit I did walk on 2 occasions on the steepest bit of the hill....... and the downhills were just vile..... theres a mile down hill to the finish line and this is where my ankle felt the worst.   I was really pleased to come in 3 seconds slower than last yr ( I forgot to stop garmin and looked at finish line clock)  and I wasn't expecting that at all.  A really good training run and I felt my cardio was pretty good as well as my stamina so the cross training must have been helping.  The race seemed to finish quite quickly... last year it dragged!.   

I met Alex there a fellow tweeter and also James who came in 11th overall and second in his age category but hes so humble about the whole thing , I would be jumping for joy!!!!
Alex beat me last year and I beat him this year so next year I think it must be the decider.......
A great challenging race, some impressive views and a free finishing pic which I think is a nice touch.

This is the stats  an elevation chart to be proud of.

My ankle feels a little stiff but theres no swelling and I feel back in the game!!!! 


Lena said...

Wow thats an impressive race profile, well done great pace. Glad the naughty ankle is behaving

Ray said...

good to hear 'you are back' nice work Michelle.. more to come I'm sure x

Elliot said...

Awesome, good to see you getting back into action after sitting stuff out, I know it's been frustrating for you!