Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm so over injury.......... GET IN!!!!

I have to admit the last 4 weeks not being able to run drove me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!  I know I swam and I cycled but running is my first love and boy did I miss it.

Well after my mammoth bike ride on Sunday, I thought I would try a little run on the treadmill.  The ankle normally feels little stiff to start but there was nothing.... I decided to crank it up a bit.  OH MY GOD.... what a fab session.... 5 miles in 42 minutes....... I felt strong. That's 8.35 minute miles, not bad for a hop along!!
 I had thought I'd lost a bit of cardio but no way........ now I'm beginning to believe a maybe 4 weeks off had some benefit.  I wasn't even planning on doing 5 miles but I couldn't stop, I thought I should save myself for the  swim session.  The swim session was really good to.... I have to admit that I am the slowest swimmer even slower than the 18 stone hairy old bald bloke but he uses flippers!!!!  This is helping my game because I am speeding up!  In my defence its a tri/swim club so most of them never run and cycle just swim so they are allowed to be faster... just this once.

Tuesday was a short blast on the turbo, going up and down the gears, trying to replicate those pesky hills at Wimbleball.

BUT the best bit is .... * jumps up for joy and punches air* today I went for a LONG run.... well not as long as I should be doing but a damn site longer than I have for 4 weeks.
9 miles in the bag.... and actually 5 mins faster than the last time I did 9 miles. I wanted to push for 10 and possibly even 12 but at 7 miles the ankle support I was wearing had given me a blister on the bottom of my foot so I stopped and took the damn thing off.  The rest of the mileage home did feel a little weird but I should be weaning off the support anyway..... they don't really help just makes your ankles weaker!

So my emergency marathon plan said 8.... I did 9 but I actually feel (apart from blister) that I could have gone lot further.  Keeping up all the biking and swimming has def helped me to maintain a level of fitness that I thought I had lost.
So based on that run today... I will be running Brighton marathon.... I might not get the pb I wanted but Ill get round.   If I do get that pb then I will be invincible.........

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