Sunday, February 6, 2011

Injury, illness and now officially a West Country Triathlete.

I left the blog hoping that I would be able to run a mile at long last..... alas NO!!!!!!  I had been so confident that I would be better and I wasn't. As soon as I tried to run the pain started so I stopped.  This was devastating I was sat on the kitchen floor with my head in my hands shaking with sheer frustration and despair.  I was on a downward spiral heading into the dark side.  I had to get out.... I jumped on whooopie and gave her hell for 9 miles.......... its amazing how quickly you can stop crying when head down on the aerobars because its pretty hard to see where your going with streaming eyes.  Two hours later and 28 miles under my belt I returned home, I had returned from the darkness.  I think actually the darkness ran away from me petrified when I stood on top of the motorway bridge and screamed at the passing traffic.  Nothing beats a good scream and a torrent of abuse.  It was decided that I would not run for another week and see what happens then...........( thank you James for your prep talk that always makes me feel better)

Thursday was my rest day and oddly enough I started feeling very peculiar, snotty nose, streaming eyes, sore throat and boy was I cursing that bloke at workk who had a cold for 2 weeks...........When I woke up Friday morning I felt terrible.  Ben was also ill but it that yucky sickness and diarrhoea way.  My body felt so heavy all I could do was lie on the sofa....... that's when I went out like a light.  I though oh shit here comes the flu.......... well you might as well deal me a really crap hand!!!!! I didn't move all Friday, I couldn't have if I wanted to.  That night I went to bed at 9pm with a dose of night nurse and slept solidly for 11 hours.  Sat I felt so much better, the snot had gone, the cough had gone... what was going on.  I felt ok so got 12 miles in on the turbo. 

Sat evening was my first turbo swim session with West Country Tri club.  We had the whole of Burnham pool to yourselves.  There must have been about 30 people there it was so cool....all the bikes lined up around the pool, everyone was so friendly.  We were split into 5 groups....... you swam for 8 mins then jumped onto the bike for 8 and then rest for 5.  This was done 3 times then you could warm down either on the bike or in the pool.  My first 8 lengths were awful.... it was here I realised that maybe I wasn't 100% because my breathing was so laboured.  I had to keep stopping and catching my breath and I felt incredibly dizzy.  When I got on the bike I just span gently as to recover.  Now this kinda session you could really push it if you wanted to but I didn't.  I was enjoying talking to new people and taking it easy on account that I might just faint any minute.  There was lots advice on hand and I had my aerobars adjusted as I wasn't at the right angle.  When I checked the stats when I got home, I had been swimming pretty fast.  I have joined, Ive paid my money and I am now a member..... eagerly awaiting my West Country Tri exciting!!!!

I was supposed to be going to Trowbridge to do time trails with the DB max group but it seemed so far away and not many people were going so I decided not to.  I drove to Burnham and took the dogs to the beach.  My ankle seems so much better and there I was on the massive beach with all that firm sand..... just me and the dogs and my trainers ( now I have to whisper this because I will be in BIG BIG trouble) I tried to run, I couldn't help myself, but I didn't run for long as it still didn't feel right so I stopped.  It was a miracle I didn't break down and cry I just took it on the chin and carried on playing fetch. 

I have decided that if I have any chance of running this marathon I need  to do some pretty long bike sessions instead of runs.  I have to say I feel mentally and physically abused after 3 hours in the saddle and covered 38 miles.  Oh my god how tough was that..... especially the last 15 miles. I was side swiped every time I passed a gate, I was cycling so slow into a strong headwind I thought I was going backwards.  MY arse well and truly was numb when I got back. 

So I have 2 days left before I try and run but to be honest I am not feeling confident.  But you know what I will run that marathon.... even if I have to run / walk it.  So I might have to take another 2 weeks off but theres a lot of people who have faith in me to run it.  Ive heard stories lately on Twitter of people running a marathon after having to take 7 weeks off for injury and just rocked up at the start line.   Lets just hope that Wed sees a miracle occur.   2011 hasn't quite started in the way I want to but I never choose the easy path anyway..... running this marathon is now a major challenge and that's what I'm best at.  



Ray said...

Acceptting an injury is hard - especially as you train so much.. good thing about Tri training is that leaves you 2 sports to train in.. so remember relax and enjoy those non runs and put your energy into your swimming and biking - you'll come back stronger :)

Lena said...

Your doing fine, a little more patience will no doubt pay off. your fitness will have been retained. so relax and enjoy the bike and swim, the run will come. Chin up sis xx