Sunday, February 13, 2011

Up and running again and Ironman 70.3 Wimbleball bike course!!!!!

So I was resting my ankle for a week to see how it was and after waiting so impatiently I tried running Tues 8th Feb and lo and behold I ran a mile... no walking, a mile.  It was a bit stiff but ok.  I needed to do this as 1) I'm bloody impatient
2) I needed to know what I would do on Wed my day off... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

So Wed I ran 3.09 miles on the road.... ankle was a little stiff but it eased as I went along.  I was a little alarmed by by heart rate... very high.....I guess I thought I had been training hard and keeping it up but my fitness has dropped. I then went out for 90 mins on the bike.  That was a hard ride, Whoopie is not liking the hills and I am now going to change the back cassette.

Thursday was a well deserved  rest day but for some strange reason I couldn't stop dancing around the house. 

Friday was my birthday so I decided to forgo swimming and have a birthday meal instead... I did however get a 4 mile run in on the treadmill first.  I also broke my 42 days, YES 42 days of no booze.  My god that first glass of wine went straight to my head.

Sat morning I squeezed a quick 3 miler in before James came for his swimming lesson.  I was going to run twice that day but the lure of watching the England rugby game won.  I did have a few drinks but went home and recovered as I knew I would be cycling the course at Wimbleball.

So Wimbleball......... well what can I say.... the weather was horrible.... cold, wet and windy!!! Stu and I set off, nice hill straight away but on fresh legs it was a nice warm up.  The next 18 miles were great.... quite a few roads to get down and hammer it but we didn't..... not this time. There we were riding along not understanding what all the fuss was about until we hit the hills!!!!! There are some wicked downhill sections but when you have no idea where the road is going its very scary.  The downhill parts tend to end suddenly and I've heard of people ending up in the ditch!!  I used my brakes so much I could smell them burning!
The hills were relentless...... I think the trick here is to know the course well so you can use the down hill sections to get you back up the next lot of hills.  We were going to try for the whole distance but after one lap it was hard going.  We were actually out for nearly 3 hours after a few stops due to chains and wrong turns and enough was enough. 

Why is it the car park was empty but as soon as I decide to strip to change into warm dry clothes , cars started to appear.  I mean you know how hard it is to take compression gear off let alone when its wet!!! So quite a few locals saw me standing there in my big pants and bright red cold legs!!!

I'm really glad I did the course.... It was slow averaging 11.8 miles per hour but seeing we didnt know where we were going and the weather and we weren't caning it, I think that's quite acceptable.  Next time we are going to hammer it... use the knowledge of the course to our advantage. I believe it will be quite a challenge to get round the swim and the bike ride before the 5 hour cut off.  But today as shown me exactly where I am right now ... hopefully now I'm back running my fitness will improve and where I need to go from here.  My god completing this course is going to my  greatest challenge to date!!!!

A big THANK YOU to Stu for driving us there and coming round the course with me.  There's not many who would cycle a challenging course when they're not even doing the race and to listen to my moaning as we got near the end and of course cycling as slow as I was and not racing on ahead.  I really appreciate it Stu....... and even better your prepared to do it all again!!

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Lena said...

Glad to hear that training is going well again