Sunday, March 13, 2011

Am I on fire?

Well things certainly are coming together and I feel training is going really well.  My swimming stroke is becoming more efficient.  I feel that since I have joined the tri club my stroke is really coming together.  I don't get continuously coached but the odd comment here and there seems to be doing the trick.  I have actually moved up the pecking order in the lane so I have now decided I will pick them off one by one, well except or the big guy who wears the flippers from hell.  When I do my long swim now on Fridays I am still doing the distance but getting in some drills at the same time. I have started doing speed sprints at the end of each length  and instead of just speeding up my stroke I am trying to just be more powerful under the water.  I am including sprint lengths as well. As I did this on Friday I had a light bulb moment to how I should do this. I have finally realised I can be quicker in the water by being stronger instead of flouncing my arms around faster like a mad cheesy raver!!
This meant that on Wed I swam my faster EVER half mile in 20.14.  Now that's an improvement. I have discovered that I can knock 2.5 mins off a 10 length swim time if I use a pull buoy. This has pointed out a fact that my legs dont work properly and have researched a drill which means tying my legs together with an old inner tube.... do or drown coaching technique!!!!   Watch this space!

I finally broke my 50 mile bike ride cherry with a smashing 53.10 bike ride last Sat in 3.47.37.  We also throw some nasty hills in there especially that killer hill at the end!!!! Meschee and posse 1, Street hill 0.  My arse was a little numb I have to say but I am loving Whoopie more and more.  I feel at one down in those aero bars and the power I feel in that position is great ( that's why I went for it Stu and had to knuckle down and overtake you, not that I'm competitive in any way what so ever!!!!!)

The day after the ride I conquered Boobie hill, not just the normal three times but 4.... and next week will be five!!!!( its called Boobie Hill as the elevations have a remarkable resemblance to boobies).

Then that brings me onto my long run.... 19 miles in the bank , FASTER than when I ran marathon last year and in some terrible windy conditions. I had a route planned and was happily keeping a pace under 9.30 min miles until I hit the wind which slowed me right down.  I changed my route so many times and could never escape the wind for more than a mile. After 17 miles I had had enough.  IT wastes so much energy screaming BOLLOCKS into the wind.  I really really pushed myself to do 2 more miles to get to 19.  I then was a complete mess for the rest of the day..... all I could do was just rest.  Thursday I felt fine until I got to work where I felt tired and threw my toys right out of the pram concerning some of my teaching course work and I had forgotten about that long run come down.  Friday I was back on form and pulled out a fast mile in swimmimg.

So overall if I think about my fitness I am getting there.  If I think back to marathon training last year when I was just running 4 times a week and  now I am doing the same mileage as last year but I am also swimming and biking 3 times a week.  My body is beginning to change shape again , I am most impressed with the lift that my bottom seems to have decided upon.... most be all the hill biking work.

So marathon is in 28 days........ I have a couple of 21 mile runs to get in before the taper.  Once that is out the way then the serious training will start on the biking and the swimming.  I am a little concerned about what to do with my ironman training when I'm on the marathon taper.  I think I will keep up the amount of times I train but with less intensity.
so that's it...... I am exactly where I want to be at this stage, I'm more than happy with my training, delighted with my bottom and am having a few rare mermaid moments where everything comes together.  

Love tri, live tri!!!!

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