Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ive had quite a quiet weekend of training due to Ben's birthday and it was a nice change to kick back and do mad things like run around crazy on a windy beach with a metal detector instead of battling with the wind on a run. Due to a lack of training I managed to knock out 4 miles in 32 mins!!!!! LETS HAVE IT

Sunday afternoon I had a free afternoon so I decided on a a quick brick session so I jumped on whoopie and went in search of a few hills....and followed it up my a x country run.  I have 2 races on the same day next weekend and I have been trying to make a decision on which to race.  I wanted to do the Butleigh 7 miler x country but the 10 k Stoke Stampede had been re scheduled for the same day.  After a successful x country run I was bbeginning to think that it would be possible until I climbed over a style knocked my ankle and it really hurt so the 10m k it is then..... my ankle is still a little stiff and I refuse to take any more injuries on board.

Mondays swim session went really well, I have been struggling with my legs lately BUT that's because I've been listening to everyone about where my head should be whilst I swim.  Looking forward just doesn't do it for me if my head is up my legs sink, if my head is down my legs rise.  SIMPLES!!!
 Looking forward gives me neck ache as well so I decided to swim in a way that made me feel relaxed and HEY PRESTO I got some speed back.  I'm beginning to feel really powerful in the water, not fast but strong, maybe the speed will come. LETS HAVE IT!!!!!

Tuesday was a quick turbo session, I'm concentrating on building up my hill legs so its an hour of 5 easy mins followed by 5 hard outta the saddle, legs burning kinda thing.  Not sure if that's the right way but it works for me.  I know this was a good workout , I can judge by how long I'm raving in the house afterwards to how go it was.... ENDORPHIN HIT!!!! LETS HAVE IT!!!!

This brings me onto my last long run before the taper starts.  20 miles in 3.13.36 which was excellent.  LETS HAVE IT!!!!
 Last year I ran 21 miles in 3.58 in training which just shows the progress I'm making.  What a difference having no gale force wind made.  According to the race predictor if I had kept that pace I would have run a 4.17 marathon which would be bloody amazing!!! Last year all I wanted to do was to get round this year I want  to smash my 4.41.  I felt lot better this week after my run, last week I was a mess with tears and no energy.

This weekend is going to be a little crazy, cycling Wimbleball again on Sat going for the 2 laps and then racing on Sunday.... but all I can say is LETS HAVE IT!!!

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