Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long runs, long rides, its all comimg together......

My ankle injury is becoming a thing of the past.  I have been up and running on windy beaches, mountain biking at Haldon hill..... That was great fun and even a little scary but good to mix it up a bit.  I cycled the Wimbleball course again 10 mins faster than last time and tested out the new back cassette on Whoopie.  What a difference that made...... Thanks to all who rode that day and meeting new friends.

Wed I ran 17 miles in preparation for Brighton marathon that was after a tempo swim with Barry in the morning.  After about 8.5miles of battling with the wind, I had had enough.  I decided to change my route and took a chance of running x country not really knowing where I would end up or how far I would be from home.  The risk paid off and I was out of the wind and ended back near home at 14 miles so I just decided to run past the house for 1.5 miles then turn round and return. At 15 miles I was really starting to struggle and I sent one tweet asking for help and I was so not disappointed.  I would love to say what a great support and motivation twitter is and a full of great people.  I smiled all the way for the last 2 miles and thanks for all the messages. 
 It was until I checked the stats that I realised how far I have actually come since last year.  This time last year I ran 17.35 miles in 3.14 and this year I ran 17 miles in 2.48.  Good to see progress.

But my greatest achievement of the weeks training is my first ever 50 mile ride.  We picked a route we knew had some pretty tough hills on at the start and at the end ( boy that last hill was a killer)  We only stopped once for a toilet break and I really wanted to test out some nutrition.  After 1 hour of riding I started on the power bars and tried to have some  every 30 mins.  Do you know how difficult it is to chew a very chewy bar whilst riding!!! There were some great spots where I could really get down down on the bars and go for it...... I love my bike for this... I feel at one with Whoopie like some warrior astride her stead and leading her into battle screaming out a war cry!! 
At about 30 miles I started to get a little grumpy and pissed off with the wind...... where ever we went it was against us.  I have to say the ride went quite quickly and thank you again Stu for being my bike buddy and keeping me company. I think I would seriously struggle doing that on my own. I wont mention the near fatal crash going up a hill where my chain came off and I only just managed to unclip in time and Stu only just managed to unclip and not go crashing into me... that might stop him drafting ha ha ha.
I was quite pleased with the time 53.10 mile in 3.47.37 which means I can do 56 miles in 4.30 for wimbleball I just need to work on those hills.
Here's the stats.... check out the elevation it wasn't a flat ride.

After taking time out due to injury I am beginning to feel its all coming together and I just need to pick up the pace at swimming.

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