Sunday, March 27, 2011

The worst ride of my life BUT lessons learnt and one hell of a dinner story tale.

Today I had planned on doing 2 laps of the Wimbleball course, 56 miles to get a feel for the time and how the second lap would feel.  It all went terribly wrong with 10 mins and on the first hill.  I went to change gear and the chain came off and jammed the back wheel and before you could say "fuck get my cleats out" I was on the floor.  Sarah went to overtake me but Mark wasn't really looking so they crashed into each other and then fell on top of me....Barry was quite amused when he turned round and saw all three of us on the floor.
The guys put my chain back on checked everything and off we went.  This whole gear thing was to become a regular occurrence we checked the gears made adjustments loads of times but at the end of the day the only way it stopped was if I didn't use certain gears. We really thought we had it cracked but just when I least expected it, the wheel jammed again and I was flung onto the side of the road straight into the nettles.  I very quickly learnt after falling off 4 times to get those cleats out in less than a milli second.

I did think of giving up but it would be a missed opportunity.  It was really hard on the hills not having those extra gears to get into and I have to say after my gears popped out on one hill I had to walk but I also did KILLER HILL no 2 in a really hard gear and blew my legs into a thousand pieces..... but I wouldn't give up.

So 32 miles in 2.30, 10 minutes slower than last week, top speed 41.1 but considering the conditions today I am happy with that.
I have to say I was mildly PISSED OFF with my bike and when I went to the bicycle chain and they told me I needed a new back cassette I was ready to throw my toys out of the pram and CRY but after speaking to a lovely bike mechanic also a time trail expert who fixed it on the spot for FREE, that day that minute that bike geek made me a very happy woman!

A big thank you to the guys who put up with all my bike trouble today and sorry Barry for having to keep scratching my arse ( nettle stings) whilst driving home..... and thank you for screaming at me to get up those hills in the wrong gear.
OK so I need a good service.... I'm talking bikes here guys.... as my last service from a company I dare not mention in case I spit venom and lightening comes from the sky and burns me to the ground.  Oh and dare I mention that the same so called company fitted my bike to me and I changed the saddle height myself and now I no longer get back ache or shoulder ache.

So in other training news this week, I have shaved off 2 minutes of my 250m pool swim which is bloody incredible seeing its such a short distance.  Every week I just get faster and faster at swimming so it goes to show practise makes perfect.  I enjoyed a 10 mile run on Sunday, 10 k of that with the tri club.  I have been getting some hip pain on my long runs and after a very painful sports massage, its a backlash from ankle, I'm hoping it will hold out for marathon. 

I'm now on a taper for marathon but should be in my peak for Ironman so trying to keep up all the same training on the same days but lower the intensity.... I plan to be back in the pool after the marathon and cycling the wimbleball course 7 days later. 
I would like to take a moment to thank my body for allowing me to put it through all the training I do and a thank you to my brain for me so bloody stubborn and determined and thank you to all my training buddies who accompany me on all my endeavours. 

AND a big confession that after months of tee totalness  I have finally fallen off the wagon and enjoyed a weekend of crap food, lots vodka and wine and good company.......which has done me the world of good.


ade said...

I had similar problems with my gears jumping around like an epileptic. Tossers tried 2 rip me off saying I needed a new rear cassette & chain. Took bike2 usual bike mechanic a few days later. Stretched chain. Annoying but better to learn whilst training. I've also found drinking in moderation makes no difference 2 training. I only stopped as I needed2 lose weight b4 I started2increase my miles 4 IM Wales. Enjoy the drink&enjoy laughing & 2days ride. X

meschee said...

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad im not the only one who falls off lol

meschee said...

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad im not the only one who falls off lol