Monday, April 11, 2011


There was quite a few of us doing Brighton this year and we a few of us were in the same hotel(hotel from hell but that's a whole different blog all together) was really good to see old friends and meet new ones.

After missing at least 8 weeks out through 2 separate ankle injuries, I was very happy to be at the start line.  The marathon to me is the lap of honour from all the hard work and preparation that you put in.  I knew it was going to be hot and covered myself in suncream ( didn't want a blistered face like last year).  I had a treatment on my hip on Wednesday that worked a treat.

The taxi we ordered didn't show so we had quite a stomp up to the start line.  Once we got there its always hard to find everyone but we did and was great to see everyone raring to go. The toilet queue moved quite quickly (bonus) and before I knew it we were down at the start line.

We started together but within a few miles we had all spaced out and settled into the race.  I ran with the lovely Lisa for the first 10 miles.  I tried really hard to keep the pace comfortable.  At mile 10 I had fully warmed up and felt incredibly strong.  Mile 10 to 18 was unbelievable, I felt  fantastic and I definitely picked up the pace and passed the half way mark in 2.06.55.  It made such a difference knowing we had friends in the crowd and we knew where they would be and I cant tell you enough what a massive difference this makes.

Mile 19 became a struggle, the heat was getting to me and I am so glad that they had lots of extra water stops this year.  At each water station I reached for 2 bottles, one to throw over me and one to drink.  I hit the dreaded power station road, the road to HELL, but this year it went really fast.  I think the fact that I knew it was coming helped.  Mile 20 I wanted to cry and I tweeted and texted just to distract me and as normal fellow tweeters were so supportive and that spurred me on.  Mile 23 you make it to the seafront and you know your almost there.  Last year the crowd here was fantastic and they pulled me along but this year although there was lots people they weren't shouting.  Maybe 'hardcore blackmore' is too much of a mouthful? I decided to work the crowd a bit and starting shouting scream if you want me to run faster, which worked a treat.
2.2 miles to go.......the longest 2 miles of my life.  I was really beginning to falter here.  There were quite a lot walking here and I saw quite a few people who I had seen at the start so I was tapping them on the back and cheering them on " come on guys run with me" A few responded and thanked me at the finish line.  Its amazing the bonding you get with people in those last mile.

800m to go.......... I could see the finish line, I checked the garmin and saw that a sub 4.15 was possible.  I couldn't believe it, I was sure that I had slowed right down. OH MY GOD.....  I saw my goal  was achievable.  I was pretty shocked.......and totally happy.  The crowd in that last 800 m were amazing, everyone was cheering so loud, its something I will never forget ( getting very emotional now as I type).

At last through the finish line 4.13.55............ RESULT.  I felt good worked my way down where I had to meet the others but they weren't there.   I stood for about 10 minutes waiting and had a little cry but when I saw them all come towards me I couldn't stop the lump in my throat and had a mini break down.

I stood in the sea like last year and was pleased to see so many others in there.  Every one was in good spirits.  We found the others and popped open a bottle of bubbly.

A BIG thank you to all who supported us, a massive well done to Chris, Lisa, Claire, Mike, Simon, Karen, Valine and Steven.   Thank you to Stu for driving me there and back and listening to all my moaning.
PS still got sun burnt face and the back of my knees.

Will I do it again...... HELL YER.... sub 4 will do nicely!!


Lena said...

A great account as usual, I could almost be there, kinda wish I was. After the start that you had to 2011 you are the comeback Queen. Good luck for your half ironman.x

Fairey said...

You lady are AMAZING. NOTHING ever stands in your way, NOTHING every stops you and you ALWAYS get the job done. Not only done, but done well! Congratulations on your awesome time and well done!

mwah xxxx

Tim Donell said...

Absolutely immense - congrats!!