Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lt the countdown begin... cant wait to see all my buddies xx

So Ive had a good week training, got in a few speedy short runs quite a lot of swimming and a little biking.  My long runs have been giving me a hip and glute niggle which I was slightly concerned about but hanging out the old trainers to retirement seems to have done the trick but I have booked a quickie with Helen on Wed just to make sure that hip and glute is all loose.  It made me realise that we should pay attention to our gear and equipment because when it goes wrong it can cause injury ( not saying anything about my bike falls last week).

I got out for a 10 mile run today and felt strong and relaxed just how it should be and even though I hate taper and what it does to my mind I knew I am now in the right place to be before Brighton marathon next Sunday.  I felt I had loads more in me today and have to be quite strong willed with myself to stay on that taper.  Mad dancing around the house is allowed though? Right?

So the countdown begins, this time next week I'll probably be pissed on champagne with achy legs, but I know I'll be in good company.  Today James reminded me of a Brighton marathon U tube video  and as I watched it all the memories came flooding back.  I couldn't watch it without shedding a few tears and it reminded of the greatest achievement of my life....... I am so EXCITED right now.  What makes it even more exciting is that there will be a lot more fantastic friends running this year.

I'm a lot stronger and fitter than  last year and even though I missed 4 weeks of training due to injury, I am ready.  I was worried that I wouldn't get there so a big thank you to all those who helped me through.... ( no this isn't an an Oscar speech)
I think being marathon fit is a really good place to be for a busy year of triathlons and the biggy Wimbleball.
so to all those running Brighton.......... LETS HAVE IT... cant wait to see you all.


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Well done, it has been hard for you, but your bad luck was often balanced with good luck. Now you're fit and strong to tackle that marathon, Go for it