Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post marathon, training continues, open water swimming and my first track session.

The day after....... driving home and being couped up in the car for 4.5 hours wasn't really the best idea and I gave John Cleese a run for his money in the silly walk malarkey at service stations.  I went to swim club that night and only completed half of the session but it felt good just to streeeeeetch out in the pool.  That really helped.

Tuesday .....I cycled into Glastonbury and back to enter the Glastonbury 10 k run round the tor (mmm that's going to be hilly) nice and gentle just to streeeeeeetch out those legs and also test the bike after its service.

Wednesday ........ nice and gentle early morning swim again just to loosen up those legs. (I havent been to bad, stairs have been difficult on occasions but recovering well).  I also ran a short 3 mile recovery run, legs felt great, chest seemed a bit tight.

Thursday .....1 hour session on the turbo covering 15.45 miles, again just easy spinning nothing hardcore.

Friday........ A great 4.65 mile run, chest felt bit easier and legs felt great, felt strong and in control.
That evening was my first open water swim this year.  I have swam in the river once before with |Barry but this was very different.  The water was pretty cold and as I walked down the ramp I fell in more than got in.  There was about 8 of us in total, we had to sign in and we had coach and other members of the tri club watching.  I swam about 10 metres with my head above water, trying to get up the courage to put my head under.  I read somewhere that if you take a big mouthful of air then when you put your head under you can force it out then just get into your rhythm.  Before I had chance to test out this theory, disaster struck.  I became very wheezy, I really struggled to breathe and ended up just bobbing about in the water.  All the others had gone on up the river so I decided to go back.  This was harder than expected, I didn't even have the energy to breast stroke back to the river.  Even though I couldn't breathe I didn't panic which was good, I think that could have been fatal.  I slowly got back to the bank.
 Now theres a few explanations for this
  • Water was extremely cold and can cause wheezing problems to the 'soft' open watered swimmers
  • I had a tight chest on some of my runs and the cold water just highlighted this
  • I didn't warm up to start as I know that my breathing can be very laboured until after at least 30 mins warm up.
  • I am not a fish and not designed to go swimming willy nilly in cold rivers!!!!
Moral of the story.... I'm not giving up..... Ill be back out in that so said cold river every Friday until I am swimming like a pro up and down that river.  I need to do this as I don't want no surprises when I enter the lake at Wimbleball.

Saturday....... another lap at Wimbleball. I had all intentions of going for 2 but tired legs, lack of motivation, sore arse meant one was enough. (32 miles in 2.26) Its a really tough course and again in my defense Ive only just ran a marathon.  Did 1 lap in 2.26 which is pretty good only 6 mins slower than the fastest time round that course yet. We then ran 4 miles of the Bunny hop route that I will be running on Easter Monday.  I wanted to test the ankle out see how it felt over rough ground and it didn't let me down.  4 miles cross country on some pretty unforgiving ground and pretty quick average pace of 9.15 min miles which is good. 

Sunday........ a nice recovery ride in the sun testing out all my club tri gear, which is just GERT LUSH!!!!  Nice steady pace through the lanes avoiding busy roads.  Came across the most fantastic tea garden called Fenny castle tea rooms.  Beautiful surroundings and cream teas.

32 miles again in 2.04 ( no nightmare hills like at wimbleball)

Monday......... My 1 st track session EVER.  I decided to run around the track twice before anyone arrived.  We then all warmed up doing drills, running backwards, side running all looking very professional and cool.  The plan was to run 10 x 400m.  You then walked 100m and then easy jog for 100m before running 400m again.  We all started as a group and Martin then counted the time in as we passed the line.  I was in the slowest group and we had to do each 400m in under 1.50.   I found the first 5 of these unbearable.  My breathing was all over the place and I was struggling.  Its almost like a switch is flicked in my body after 20/30 mins where my breathing becomes steady and I transform into a machine.  I think its the whole aerobic/anaerobic stuff that I don't know much about.  Once that switch is flicked I feel great and the next 5 were a lot easier and a lot faster.  I think the quickest was 1.36.  I need to either warm up a lot more before the others or I need to increase my aerobic capacity.  Aerobic comes first and uses oxygen ( which is why I struggle particularly as I am anemic with  lack of oxygen in my blood) the body then switches to anaerobic which is why it suddenly becomes easier for me. If anyone reading this can help me improve my aerobic capacity please tell me( I must stop drinking as I know the booze strips my body of the little iron I have)
Swim session after that was pretty hard but still completed.

So all in all a good week, recovery was good, didn't feel as bad as I thought I would. I did feel pretty tired this morning and thought I would rest but now I'm awake a session on the turbo in the garden might be called for. 

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Ray said...

you really are a machine!.. good work rate Michelle x