Friday, April 29, 2011

River swimming part 3....... and a few loose ends!

Just got back from river swim number 3.  I took some great advice on board from a wonderful lady called Caroline.  After talking at great length about tightness of chest and past experiences she told me that she used to swim with her head above water for a bit until she warmed up and if I felt outta breath then I could glide more, really roll and catch my breath.  I followed this advice and what a difference it made.  I swam up the river with the others, they soon lost me but I had a few breaks to adjust my steamy goggles.  Once the others started to come back I made my way back to.  I didn't go the full distance but definitely covered at least half a mile.  On the way back I settled into a stroke that suited me and allowed me to sight as at the same time.  I stopped only once briefly as I was approaching the bank. I cant believe how much progress I have made in such a short time and after tonight my confidence has soared.

In other news, I did a brilliant brick session on my day off, even though it was the wrong way round.  I started with a 33 mike bike ride, I wanted to conquer old Bristol road.  That meant I had to cycle down the gorge again, something I'm not a big fan of.  I went straight into a brick session and boy that's was so bizarre.. My legs felt like they were still cycling and were turning over really fast, so my first three miles were super fast and I couldn't actually feel my feet.  My legs were running so fast and I just couldn't stop them..... the rest of my body was playing catch up.  I managed 4 miles before I gave up.  I then  swam a mile in the pool, one of my quickest mile times 41 minutes.  It felt really slow and I was surprised at the time.  I've missed a few swim sessions so swimming felt fresh and strong and of course it was a nice clean chlorine water.

Today Stuart and I explored stockhill wood and black rock at cheddar... bit of a wood crawl on the ole mountain bikes.  Nice to have a change and the highlight of the day had to be when Stuart bought coffee and cake and spent 10 mins at the till trying to unzip his pocket to get his wallet out.  That was the funniest thing!!!!!

So tomorrow with the warning of thundery showers, I should be doing 2 laps of Wimbleball.  Then Sunday I will be racing the Glastonbury Run around the Tor 10k.  I checked the course out today and its not as hilly as I first thought ...... so a pb might be well within my sights.  To break a sub 50 on a 10k..... that would be just AWESOME!!!!!!

Barry asked me the other day how I felt my training was going and I was a little unsure..... but you know what.... I keep surprising myself and all this hard work is really starting to pay off.  In the words of James Brown..... I FEEL GOOD!!!!!

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