Monday, April 25, 2011

Shapwick Bunny Hop 2011

Last years Bunny Hop was cold and wet and was so muddy that even wearing spikes wouldn't have helped in the ground.  This year was a completely different story, hot hot HOT!
I went with Stuart , his first ever race.  I was really looking for a good result this year, I think I came 4th or 5th last year in a time of 1.10.56.

This race had attracted more than usual and quite a few good club runners.  I spotted the 60 yr old woman who beat me at every local race I had done.  She does 10 k in 40 mins, she is phenomenal.  I realised then that my bubble had been burst but I was still going to give it my best shot.

Under starters orders and off we went...... run...... stop ( first style)... run.... stop ( second style) this happens about 5 or 6 times in the first 2 miles.
Through the fields we go, sheep and lambs everywhere.... "ooo mind that sheep shit".  I got overtaken by red tshirt man... shot off like a rocket.... I just thought you are soooo gonna be blowing outta your arse soon matey.  Settled into a stride, the sun beating down.  Turned into the nature reserve, this is a 2 mile stretch of one long straight dusty track as far as the eye can see.  Not sure all the twitchers were too happy about 50 odd gasping sweaty runners going for it through the reserve, might frighten the birds!!!

I was in a kinda no mans land, the fast club runners had pulled away and were just in sight and then there was me and then there was no one behind.  I ran most of the race on my own.  I did catch up Mr red shirt though at about mile 4 blowing out of his arse as predicted.  I checked he was ok before blasting away.  The heat had got to him..... "don't worry it will be shady in the wood" I shouted.  Oh my god, it was so not shady in the wood at all.  In fact it was even hotter.  Last year I had ran through puddles and mud up to my knees and this year it was dry and cracked with great big ruts everywhere.  We had all been warned about the HUGE badger hole at mile 5 and it was HUGE and right in the middle of the track.  There were parts that were just really long grass and was hard to see what actually what was under it all.  With the curse of the sprained ankle hanging over my head every time I ran x country, I made sure I was looking ahead and concentrating.  The curse has now been broken...... thank god.

  I didn't realise til mile 4 that my gamin wasn't working.  I had the time 4 miles in 34.15 that's good.  I hit the 10 k mark at 51.50 which was great.  My 10 k pb is 50.52 so I knew I was going pretty well.
Nearly there out of the woods and half a mile to go along the lane back to the village hall. The end kinda creeps up on you before you know it and there all done and dusted in 1.06.18.  Provisional results say I was 5th  lady in and 2nd in my age cat.  This does need to be confirmed.  I would never get the Chance to be so high up in most of the races I do and it sounds good, doesn't it.

Stuart was there at the finish, 53 minutes for him and 5th in......WOW........ he kept up with those club runners. 
Local races, you gotta love them, small key but so friendly.  The village hall was brimming with cakes and tea and sweets.  A sausage or bacon roll for a small donation for the charity.  Ive never been to a race that caters for you in this way and its a lovely village community that work together on the day.

Highly recommend this race for the views, the friendliness and of course the tea and cakes!!!!

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